Our past two years have made the holidays so much more meaningful even, then they ever were before.  I am a completely crazy-about-the-holidays type {as you’ve probably guessed!} yet even for me, this past time period has really put life, love and what matters into an even clearer perspective.  I’m giving gifts to family and friends, of course, but I’ve also gone back to gifting small, useful gifts to all our neighbors, since the pandemic had the silver lining of getting to know our whole neighborhood much better. I’ve curated some classic, small gifts that you would love to give, and to receive with joy.  I hope that you will find something in our Le Cadeau Parfait Collection to spark joy in your heart.



Le Cadeau Parfait Collection

Being transparent, this collection has been a little bit more of a challenge to put together than most. I sell what I have in stock, so what you see available is what we have for this year. There probably won’t be any more, given the current shipping delays.


There are some tried and true favorites, some things that quite a few of you asked for, and a few things I just adored on sight.


Le Cadeau Parfait Collection

Le Cadeau Parfait Collection



Thank you for being truly the best, kindest and sweetest  clients and friends in the world! You are what makes me so blessed to do what I do, and I am always so grateful to you. xoxo




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