You can’t dream of France and not include the magnificent lavender fields in Provence. French lavender grows really well in our garden here, in Southern California too!  We {and you already know, by we, I mean Mr. FGH!} planted plenty of lavender in our front garden.  Colorful, it attracts bees and butterflies, and it smells heavenly. The joys of lavender for your home are plenty.



French Lavender at Home





Since the above photo was taken for This Old House magazine several years ago, the front trees have really grown!  Everything is thriving. This year, maybe because our world stood still for a few months, there are a multitude of bees and butterflies.



They are fluttering about the front and back gardens in great numbers, and are especially fond of the lavenders, the butterfly bushes, and the milkweed from our neighbor’s garden.




Lavender at Home





Picking lavender is not just about gathering stalks for floral arrangements.  It’s important to cut the bushes all the way back severely to keep them in shape. Cutting them back also keeps them from growing too long and spindly, and too woody.




And then there is, of course, the joy of having dried lavender!




Lavender at Home





Here at FrenchGardenHouse, we use lavender in our home as many ways as we can.




lavender potpourri




In the living room, I placed a huge antique bowl filled with our French Lavender and Rosemary Potpourri on the coffee table.  In our bedroom,  a smaller bowl with the same potpourri makes the whole room smell divine.




This potpourri is still my absolute favorite way to scent a room in summer, when I tend to burn less candles.  The burning sticks are perfect when eating outside in the evening.  I stick several of them in a little pot of soil {with or without a plant} and light them to perfume the air around us.







The scent of lavender permeates our linen closet and my own personal closet too.  Our lavender wands are hand woven, and tied with ribbons like they have been for centuries in Provence.  Their gentle and refreshing fragrance will remind you of the lavender fields in France, or that summer you rented a petit chateau for a month.




A limited amount of wands for this season is available in the shop. For you, for hostess gifts, to tuck amidst your stacks of antique linens, and to display.  To refresh the scent, you give the lavender “cage” a gentle squeeze.  Bliss!



lavender wands for the home


french lavender for the home




Aren’t they beautiful?  Always a favorite hostess gift, if you can bear to part with them. They come tied up with a pretty ribbon in a cello bag.




French garden lavender and butterflies


A luxurious way to begin the day,  this lavender scented sugar scrub and perfume will become your favorite this season. I use a dollop of it in the shower as a body scrub. Divine!  Subtle and fresh, it starts your day with grace and serenity. It’s a fabulous exfoliator that keeps your skin looking and feeling younger and more radiant.  And who doesn’t love that?!



I am honored to be able to offer this luxurious line of lavender products, both individually and in our best-selling Deluxe Lavender Gift Box.





Our Lavender and Rosemary Bath Salts, packed in a clear glass jar with a bee etched on the front, is for soaking in a glorious bath. So relaxing!  Play French music, and drink a glass of French wine. It transports!





Lavender for your home, and lavender for you. They are the little pleasures that make your home a haven, and life beautiful.




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