Close your eyes,



take a deep breath, and think of crisp, beautiful autumn days.







Autumn is the time to surround yourself and those you love with all things warm and welcoming.




The time to curl up in front of your fire with a warming drink,




or delight in a cozy evening spent with friends.



Parisian Gres Tapers



We love fall. { you knew that!}




From our FrenchGardenHouse office, we can see the leaves outside transform

from vibrant greens to jewel-toned deeply yellows, oranges, and reds.




Le Marron Tapers




And this is the season where all hearts yearn for h o m e….isn’t it?





I personally love when the days get shorter, because that means

the warm glow of candles create a special atmosphere here at home.








One beautiful advantage to the fall days getting shorter is being able




to use more candles in our home decor,





both unscented tapers for mood, and delicious luxurious scented candles for scent.








Candles are magical in so many ways.





They give off a soft light and shimmer, they make our homes {and us!} look especially becoming!





Here is how I use candles in my fall decor.







Candles help us celebrate the beauty of our daily lives – with their soft illuminating glow,




candles are the epitome of cozy days spent at home, aren’t they?




Poire de Saison Luxury Candle





The candle on our living room table is lit most, even when it’s still daylight,




if I know someone is coming over for a visit, lighting it makes the whole house feel warm and welcoming.




 Now that it’s getting dark earlier, i have placed our luxury glass encased candles





in several spots for creating a cozy mood.







Here at FrenchGardenHouse, I light candles in autumn in the early evening.




The scents we chose for our Autumn Candle Collection are subtle, not over powering.








A pair of taper candles is a classic way to dress up your dinner table,





during the week or for a special Sunday dinner.




Nothing enhances a dining table quite like candles.





Les Pommes de la Foret Tapers






Our tapers for the table are unscented so they won’t interfere with the delicious smells of the food.








From special occasions to daily use, candles cast a flickering, warm light





on your table and create an atmosphere of simple luxury.





For those of you who love pastels, pink candles can spell fall and holiday just as much as any color!




Rose Pink Tapers




The tapers we sell are hand dipped, the high quality waxes used create beautiful candles,




each one is something special, smokeless and dripless, with a slow and even burn.




I’ll admit that my search for the perfect candle was selfish,



I love candles so much, and use them on the daily here at home, I wanted the best candles I could find!









A FGH signature candle is a wonderful way to add some luxury and elegance to your bathroom.




For our guest bath, I generally have a candle burning that I set on the bathtub.




Because it’s encased in glass, I feel it’s safe, plus there is nothing to burn should it fall in the tub!




French Canelle Rose Luxury Candle



If you leave a candle burning in your guest bathroom like I often do when entertaining,





please take precautions and check on the flame at regular intervals.









Because our kitchen also functions as our dining space,





I use both tapers and our signature FGH candles here.




Either works beautifully on our big farm table.








This is our kitchen from last year’s Fall Inspiration Post.





There are so many places where a cozy burning flame is all around perfect in the kitchen




like on this antique tray used as a spiced tea station that I set up last year.






French Designer Grasse Luxury Candle






At nighttime, a beautiful flickering candle adds a soft illuminating glow to the bedroom.




Parisian Gres Tapers





Even though I have lights on so I can read my latest favorite book in bed,






a candle casts a warmth and adds to the ambience of restfulness and beauty.




Opulent Bergamot et Tangerine Candle




Candles add so much atmosphere to your home!




This season, we have new autumn colors of tapers to choose from that you will love.




And new scents for our designer luxury glass candles.






à bientôt

If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.