Are you a lover of gilt, like me? GILT …. with an “i” only please, adds instant glamour and luxury to any room.

A little touch of gold makes every room look luxurious. 

And when those touches of gold are gilt accessories, the glamour quotient goes way up!

These little dressing room wonders swathed in real 24 kt. gold have a history fraught with danger, to their makers, anyway.

In the 17th and 18th century, ladies of means wanted a lavish dressing room filled with a vanity table resplendent with costly gold ormolu perfume bottles, mirrors, and jewelry caskets. Often set with real diamonds and precious stones, these opulent boudoir accessories cost half the earth.

They were also very costly in the form of human workers, as the process used mercury. Many if not most of the producers of the ormolu pieces died at a very early age.  Ormolu gilding went out of fashion in 1830, the danger of the process was considered too high.

True ormolu pieces are rare to find, and quite costly today, they are mostly in big museums such as the Louvre.

{I see many people referring to the early 1900 trays and accessories as ormolu, although technically this isn’t correct.}

In the early 1900’s, many companies began producing vanity items with a 24kt. gold plated finish.

Apollo Studios was the earliest, and most prestigious firm. A contemporary of Tiffany Studios, Apollo Studios produced many of the same items as Tiffany did, making pieces of exceptional quality from 1909 – 1922. Above is one of the Apollo pieces we have in the shop for sale right now, it’s gorgeous!

Later on, in the 1940’s, other companies did the same. Some of the most well known include Matson, Stylebuilt, Guildcrest and Globe. Production of most of these types of items ended in the 1960’s, only Stylebuilt still creates gold plated pieces today.


Originally sold in jewelry, department and drug stores, gold plated vanity accessories are most often rococo in style, with ornate filigree work, birds, and floral designs.

Feminine, romantic and glamorous, they were meant to make a luxurious statement.

These extravagant vanity accessories were created with considerable attention to detail, which is one reason they remain a favorite collectible for both women and men. {yes, men!}

Collected to create a feminine dressing table or vanity space, or simply to display in a glass case, these jewelry caskets, perfume bottles and dressing table sets covered in a layer of pure 24kt gold are exquisitely made and beautiful to look at and use.


To really make a glamorous impact, display your collection in one place.  A group always makes a much larger visual impact when displayed together.

The more the merrier. One piece is beautiful, but displayed together, gilt accessories truly make a statement.

These gilded vintage treasures are sure to add glamour and sophisticated style to your home.  

A collection of perfume bottles can be the highlight of your bedroom or bathroom, a selection of jewel caskets displayed on a grand mirrored tray will bring elegance to your living room in a grand manner.

Most of the ones that are seen today, outside of museums, are neither very old, nor ormolu. But these gilded accessories from the early to mid 1900’s are a sumptuous addition to your home if you love the luxury and glamour of old Paris!

I took a break from unloading our latest French shipment which is mostly French Country to bring some of these gilded trouvailles to you. {trouvaille=lucky find!}