It’s SPRING! Nature is awakening, and we couldn’t be more excited, right?!  After this long season of winter, we all love spring, it’s the season of rebirth.  For those of you who live somewhere where the weather isn’t cooperating, bring spring indoors with this Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket.



Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket









Mary, Pam, Shirley and I are so happy you are here!  Especially in spring, when there are so many sensational flowers for welcoming spring.


I think if you could only have fresh flowers in your home for one season, Spring would have to be the one, don’t you?


Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket


Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket



With so many gorgeous flowers to choose from, it wasn’t easy choosing only a few favorites for this Monday’s flower arrangement. I finally chose these because of their color and fragrance to create my Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket.


french spring florals


Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket




To bring the spring garden indoors, I bought Hyacinths, Ranunculus, and Tulips. And added that eternal spring happiness herald, Daffodils!








Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket


One of the most admired and beloved flowers around the world, they are the first flowers to blossom each year, along with crocuses and daffodils. Snow on the ground or not, tulips are the heralds of spring. If you live somewhere with cold winters, tulips are perfect for your garden, they bloom from the earliest possible date!

Each tulip color has a special meaning, these pink tulips are meant to symbolize affection and caring.





daffodils in garden



Daffodils are associated with rebirth and new beginnings. The Latin name for daffodil is Narcissus. It is believed to be named after Narcissus, the beautiful boy who became enamored with his own reflection in Greek mythology. The daffodil has a connection to vanity and egotism, but also to chivalry and regard.




blue hyacinths


Hyacinths are known to be “the flower of Apollo” and are certainly beautiful enough to worthy of being loved by a sun god.  They are a symbol of peace, commitment and beauty, but also of power and pride. Other meanings attributed to them are constancy, joyful love, but also for jealousy.

Blue hyacinths stand for consistency, purple ones for loveliness.

You can search for your favorite flower meaning on The New Language of Flowers HERE >


spring floral arrangement

How to Create A Spring Flowers in a French Basket Arrangement

To bring a spring garden indoors, use any of these.

CONTAINERS | Line with plastic, cover plastic and top of pots with moss or kraft paper.

FLOWERS | I used a combination of flowers, potted bulbs, and faux!

  • Potted hyacinths
  • Potted mini daffodils
  • Fresh tulips
  • Fresh ranunculus
  • Faux spring bulb flowers




Really, there are no rules! If you can’t find enough bulbs, a good quality faux will still bring spring to your floral arrangement and home!  Since I made mine quickly and totally forgot to line the basket with plastic (don’t do this at home!) I had to place the basket on an ironstone platter since it leaked a little. silly me..


Behind the scenes:

I have had a few questions about our couch lately. As in, what is it? Well, it’s our old couch without its slipcover. It’s the canvas underpinnings….we ordered a new couch last October from Pottery Barn for this room, which was supposed to come in January. It’s been “in the works” for months, fingers crossed that we finally get to have it delivered in May.  Considering how the pandemic has affected so many families in much more difficult ways, I am thankful for our current couch situation.  : )


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Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Monday’s blooms at FrenchGardenHouse.  Join us on April 12th for a special edition of Monday Morning Blooms and an exciting announcement.  Please be sure to visit my friends below for more gorgeous Spring flower therapy!


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Fresh Spring Flowers in a French Basket

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