I love watching “our” bees buzz around the garden this summer!  They fly from flower to flower, pollinating while they gather nectar for their hive. It’s one of the silver lining things here in Southern California when we had our pandemic year. Because a lot of people pretty much stayed home for quite some time, our air quality improved, and we’ve have a surge of honey bees and butterflies last and this year!  Inspired by these buzzing industrious bees, I’m excited to share this French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement today.


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement





Monday Morning Blooms


Today, Mary, Pam and Shirley and I are sharing a flower inspiration related to bees. I hope you feel the buzz and love…make sure to visit them by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post! Now…grab a cafe au lait, iced if need be, and let’s begin!


Since last year, our front garden has become alive with bees. They dart from flower to flower, happily drinking nectar and getting all the flowers pollinated with their little legs. I love bees! Not swarms of them, but a few or twenty happily buzzing in the garden.


bee quote


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement




Honeybees are social, selfless, industrious, productive, and environmentally responsible. Did you know that even commercial agriculture uses bees to pollinate fruit trees?  Honey is not just delicious, it helps cure pollen-related allergies. It never spoils {honestly, edible honey was found in the tombs of the pharaohs.} The sticky substance that bees use to fix cracks in their hives, called propolis, is rumored to have been the “secret ingredient” in the varnish used by Stradivarius for his violins. Beeswax is used to make gorgeous candles, in lip balms, in furniture polish and for waterproofing.


French Golden Honey




Keeping bees is growing into a passion that many home owners have fully embraced. Which is a good thing, because honey bees need our help! They have so many natural predators, and worldwide the bee population is way down.


I love seeing which of our garden flowers attract the bees. Usually, they prefer blue flowers, not red. They love lavender, any kind of herbal flower, and our roses.




For this week’s flower arrangement, I was inspired by the beautiful golden colors of the honey we usually eat at breakfast time in Europe.  Most of the smaller hotels buy from local producers, and their honeys can have a range of colors from light yellow to deep, almost orange amber. I found the perfect roses in golden yellow and golden light apricot, and one of my all-time favorite summer filler, chamomile.


I set our smaller painted wood table and chair set in the front garden for a small lunch for four friends {which includes me!} – sometimes I like a change of scenery, and it doesn’t really get warm here until later in the afternoon.


summer roses


The sprawling olive tree in the center of our gravel gives enough shade, and I love how the gentle breeze softly moves the branches.  I broke the rules with the flower arrangement! I know you aren’t supposed to put a tall centerpiece on your table, because you want to see your guests. I couldn’t help myself, that antique French apothecary jar with the bee label was just so right for this setting! I will just put it on our bar cart out there when we sit down to eat. Are you okay with that?! {sometimes I just want to be a rule breaker.}


quilt covered summer table


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement


This antique French boutis {quilt} brought just the right French Country ambience to our table for four. I decided to use an antique hand cut heart made out of wood under the jar, to stabilize and also to protect the quilt.


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement


The plate stack is a combination of my favorite and quite gorgeous white plates with a pewter rim, topped with fun melamine plates that look like paper plates and are decorated with bees!


bee plates for summer


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement


What else but linen bee napkins would make this setting complete?  A little favor of my favorite bee skep soap for each friend to take home!


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement


Our everyday flatware features bees, so that was a natural! Inexpensive black glasses for our ice tea or water completes this table setting.


This little table is right past the front gate to our home on one side. It has a lovely view of our street, the little school across from us, but is fairly secluded by the wispy olive tree and the silver sheen trees we planted along the white low fence.  It’s one of my favorite places for a morning cup of coffee too.


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement


French country summer table setting


golden and apricot roses


I hope you’ve enjoy my summer table for friends, and this French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement inspired by the delicious French honey from the Provence region.


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement



Bees and honey, do they inspire you for summer?


French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement



Be sure to buzz over to my talented and very inspiring friends to see their bee inspired flowers today!


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French Golden Honey Flower Arrangement

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