Collecting Culinary Antiques is a sentimental business.  We all have warm kitchen memories, n’est-ce pas?

The kitchen is often our very favorite room in the house, and we love to cook, or at least heat up a delicious meal to share with those we love.



Whether they come from the “below stairs” kitchen of an elegant chateau or a quaint village bistro, our culinary antiques are the perfect complement to your grand pursuits of dining, cooking and entertaining.

All of the FrenchGardenHouse culinary antiques connect us to a time when we all allowed for leisurely food preparation, and dining was an event.  Maybe that’s what we are looking for, many of my collector clients say filling their homes with the French Country kitchen pieces remind them to sit and enjoy lovingly prepared meals with their family and friends, treasuring their company.


Rustic French pottery invokes a French Country look like no other antiques do.  Used for decades in a French cuisine, they are hand made objects, a work of art, really!



French pottery from the Provence, and Alsace region makes every kitchen speak French, fluently.





You can use these old treasures to brighten up your kitchen, but they look just as stunning amid a collection of antique books {cooking or not} or holding a handful of flowers or herbs from your garden as a centerpiece.


These rare to find hand painted wine bottles from the Provence region, painted so long ago by a local artist, are a work of art displayed all on their own.



Eye-catching, they connect the dots of our present to the past.



This pitcher, not perfect, which makes it have personality, and a little quirkiness, can still be used to serve water, your famous punch, or any other liquid libation at the table. At holiday time, an arrangement of autumn leaves, or pine branches make a French Country statement.


Using antiques in your home and kitchen creates a link from today to a culture when every item was created with care, by artisans who cared about each detail. A little brown enamelware pitcher, eye catching in its simplicity, adds charm anywhere, fill it with a small bouquet of flowers to make yourself happy!


Onion boards, made of porcelain, are amazingly rare to find, since they were used every day to cut one or two onions.  Unlike the wooden boards, porcelain boards like this were used because they did not absorb the strong onion smell. They represent a time and lifestyle in the past that we long for. One that embraces time spent in warm kitchens, creating special foods to feed those we love, and it’s a time we all long for, as a “chef” and host or hostess.

Because of our renewed interest in cooking at home, and entertaining, culinary antiques are becoming the most sought after antiques we sell at the shop.  I’m excited that there is a whole new group of younger collectors who love the 19th century cooking antiques!  This small enamelware coffee pot is a great color, and in wonderful condition….


If I’m playing favorites, this would be it! How beautiful is this cherry red enamel tea pot? It’s in amazing condition, made with great skill and care. And then there is the hand painted enameled pink rose and muguet de bois….Lily of the Valley. le sigh. Obviously this one wasn’t used very often, because it is in such beautiful condition. You could still use this for tea, or just display it in all its glory as a piece of art.

If you collect antique kitchen or tableware, please don’t be afraid to use them! They are precious, but not sacred relics. They are meant to be enjoyed and shared.

You can see all the latest culinary antiques I just added to the shop from Europe HERE.