This is the first year that we have a long, thinner & counter-height version of a dining table in our kitchen here at FrenchGardenHouse for the holidays. I can’t wait to set lots of pretty tables for the season!  Because this table is topped with a marble workspace, many of the tables I set will be with runners and placemats, a more casual feeling. But that doesn’t mean the tables won’t be beautiful. I set a French Country Holiday Table that is perfect for many kinds of entertaining, and breakfast, lunch and dinner too!

This table setting is so easy, you can set it in minutes!
French Country Holiday Table


French Country Holiday Table

Here is a look at our French Country Holiday Table. Below you will find links to the sources you need to create this look at your own home.  I’m using these gorgeous place mats in green linen, and for other holiday luncheons and dinner parties the most deliciously soft white velvet placemats.


Set the scene with placemats as your foundation.


A placemat grounds the whole place setting, and frames your plates in a lovely way. On our table, I used two different placemats for the holidays.  The green linen ones are perfect for the holidays with their stunning color, it echos the greens of the tree, and all the natural greenery we use at home for the holidays.

French Country Holiday Table


Then there are these beyond soft and sumptuous white velvet place mats. Oh my! These are so elegant, so soft, and they are machine washable. A miracle for this quality feel, you will love love love these!

Provence Orange Holiday Table Setting

Elegant Christmas Table Setting

French Country Holiday Table


Mix and Match.


Your table setting is an opportunity to add your own personal flare to your holiday decor. If you prefer everything in one pattern, that works beautifully! If multiple designs capture your imagination, go bold and just mix them together.  The holiday embroidered napkins look perfect with either placemat. And so do the brand new Swan and Fern napkins. Love both? Alternate them on your table for some holiday fun!

Velvet Holiday Table setting

velvet French table setting

velvet French table setting


Provence Orange and Magnolia Centerpiece

Think outside of the box when creating your centerpiece. This Provence Orange and Magnolia centerpiece creates visual interest and is quite eye catching.  Because it’s faux, it will be gorgeous all season long. You can add fresh holiday greens or eucalyptus too, the possibilities are endless! I love this centerpiece because it doesn’t require fussing or watering, it works for the whole season. {Read the tutorial}


French Country Holiday Table

French Country Holiday Table

French Country Holiday Table


Here are links to my exact pieces I used for our French Country Holiday Table.

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Provence faux greens

We will be leaving for our last trip of the year! Celebrating Thanksgiving with our family, and hopefully hunting down some exciting treasures, too!
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