Welcome to another beautiful Floral Friday.  I’m so excited to have you visit me today!

If you are here from visiting any {or all!} of my three friends Shirley, Mary and Pam, WELCOME – I’m happy you are here and I hope you will stay a while. I’m sharing this French Country style citrus floral arrangement with you – it has bright citrus colors and a few citrus fruits, too!



On the first and third Friday of every month, my friends Pam, Mary and Shirley and I get together to bring you Floral Friday.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. I’ll give you the links to the other posts at the end of this one, but let’s get this summer party started!



In June, there are a lot of summer parties, showers and other celebrations around FrenchGardenHouse.  It seems that there is always something to celebrate, and I love nothing more than to bring the party outside in this gorgeous season.

Since the garden in full bloom this month, I create my own flower arrangements for all our lovely outdoor festivities. Thanks to Southern California’s mild weather, we’re blessed with amazing fruits and flowers throughout the year. Our orange tree is filled with the last of the fruit from production #2 {#1 happens in December} – and they are the perfect accompaniment to the roses and dahlia’s.



This is such an easy, bright and pretty arrangement, it adds a pop of color to my little table in the garden set for three.



I placed my little table in back of the garden for lunch with a few friends, with antique majolica plates, and my favorite ruffled linen napkins in a neutral color.  The antique French ironstone tureen is filled with bright, colorful roses, tulips, mini-carnations and a few large dahlias.



I started this arrangement off with my secret arranging weapon; in the very bottom of the tureen is an antique metal flower frog.  It is heavy metal, and will keep all the stems of the flowers in place in the wide tureen.

Over the top of the tureen, i criss-crossed some of the clear florist tape in a grid, since a wide container like this can be difficult to work with.  I know that Mary sometimes uses a scrunched up ball of chicken wire, and that would work well as long as you anchored it with something heavy.




The arrangement is layered with a base of orange branches and a few stems of eucalyptus.  I added a few oranges hanging from “the branch”, then started tucking in golden roses, pink tulips and small cluster carnations – being careful to try to insert each one in a hole in the metal frog on the bottom of the tureen. {This photo makes it look like there are tall purple flowers sticking out of the top, but those are growing in the border}


The very last thing to be added were three soft apricot pink dahlias.  The colors look so lovely together, and the greens make them look even more vibrant.




Using whatever is in season from your garden {or the market!} is always a good idea, as the flowers and fruits will never quite be as alluring as when they are in their peak season!




“Summer wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.”





Antique French Ironstone Tureen

Vintage Majolica Place Card Holders

Antique Green Majolica Plates

Antique Green Majolica Platter

Organic Linen Napkins




Be sure to visit my friends, I know they will wow you with their floral inspiration!


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à bientôt


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