We are almost at the end of summer, and then comes my very favorite season, Autumn. I’m welcoming it with wide open arms, just as I did as a little girl growing up in Europe, walking in the orchard to pick figs and pears, or discovering moss, beautiful leaves and other natural delights in our family’s woods. Today I’m sharing French Autumn Floral Inspiration, using the jewel tones of this glorious season.



French Autumn Floral Inspiration

Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms!



I’m so glad to meet your here…please come in, help yourself to some coffee or tea, and join me for some floral therapy!  At the end of the post I’ll share the links for my friends, Mary, Pam and Shirley, so you can visit them too.




Monday Morning BLooms



Even though we are still in the heat of summer here in Southern California, there is a change in the air, especially at night. When we walk our Bentley for his last walk of the evening, it’s chilly enough to wear a wrap, or a light sweater.




Some of the leaves are turning a slightly different color, and I can’t wait until they have that golden glow.




autumn floral bouquet




I was thrilled to be able to find arm-fulls of beautiful autumn colored flowers this time.



My secret tip for buying flowers in this hot weather is to put a bucket in your car and fill it 1/4 full of luke warm water, so that you can put your flowers straight in the water.  When I get home, I fill our farm sink with tepid water and let the flowers drink more water for a while.




French Autumn Floral Inspiration




I covered the little table in our living room with an antique French boutis {it means a “whole cloth quilt”} in beautiful golden colors.  The country blue wooden firkin is a recent favorite from a buying trip.





The flowers in  this autumnal bouquet are :








PURPLE FOUNTAIN GRASS {from our front garden}



French Autumn Floral Inspiration



French Autumn Floral Inspiration




I added a container inside the bucket to hold the flowers. I used floral tape in a grid, and filled it with water.  What works best for me is that the bigger the arrangement, the smaller squares I tape off. {So many more taped off grids and use lots of tape.}  The tape grids hold the heavier stems upright.



French Autumn Floral Inspiration





This mustard painted caddy is another great favorite from a recent antique buy.  It is the perfect color for autumn.






These napkins are back in stock and they remain a favorite!






The figs are in season! Aren’t they beautiful?  Their color is inspiring on so many levels, and they taste delicious!  My favorite way to make them is with cheese and balsamic vinegar.  I made them last night and meant to take a few photos, but sadly, we ate all of them. I promise to share this easy recipe and snap a few images before they are eaten…they are just so good.



French Autumn Floral Inspiration


French Autumn Floral Inspiration


French Autumn Floral Inspiration



Thank you so much for your visit. I hope that you are inspired to create your own pre-season bouquet with this French Autumn Floral Inspiration.



We are working on adding lots of French autumn antiques to the shop this week. I’m channeling my inner-autumn, because these are the hottest weeks of the year.  I wish you a blessed week ahead!


French Autumn Floral Inspiration



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autumn floral bouquet

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French Autumn Floral Inspiration

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French Autumn Floral Inspiration
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