I’m in an autumn harvest state of mind with thoughts of crisp red apples, green brown leaves and {white!} pumpkins. Even though here in California the weather is hanging on to summer, the early mornings and evenings have that crispness in the air I love.




Today I’ll show you how to create an easy floral arrangement in an antique tureen with roses, cuttings from your garden, and apples.



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I’ll be sharing the links to my friends beautiful floral arrangements using apples at the bottom of this post.



For this arrangement, I picked the very last of our Annabelle hydrangeas from the garden, they were already practically dried on the plant.  I cut the very last leaves that were just starting to turn.


I gathered some bloomed out butterfly bush stems from the back garden, and the cuttings from the sedum that were dark because they had bloomed already.  Autumn is the time of year when those darker, spent blossoms can be used to great effect in an arrangement…and it’s like getting another thrill ride out of your flowers and bushes.




I envisioned using an antique transfer ware ironstone tureen with a brown design as my base, and luckily still had one from my shop.


I put in a left-over piece of florist foam to give enough sturdiness for the apple picks that I wanted to add.


When using florist foam, it needs to soak at least for 1/2 hour in water, be sure not to force it down, you want to float it on the water, it will sink down when it has absorbed enough water.  A longer soak is preferable, but 30 minutes works if you are always anxious to begin like I am.



Because I didn’t have a large enough piece of foam, I anchored it to the tureen with my florist tape, then filled the rest of the tureen with water.


I’m using inexpensive wood skewers {the kind you buy for barbecueing} to stick the apples on.  I began by inserting the beautiful leaves of my Annabelle hydrangea, and then started to add the roses, next came the fluffy green hydrangeas.



The spent blossoms of the butterfly bush are almost black, surprisingly they still smell delicious!


I love all these autumnal colors together, don’t you?



This is a quick and easy way to add a little bit fall beauty around your home! Don’t overthink this, just keep your mix of foliage and flowers loose and casual, inserting stems wherever you find a space.


I love how these colors go so beautifully with our new tapers in that delicious Le Marron color, a deep chocolate brown.



You can use any kind of tureen, or bowl with the same effect.  Don’t forget to check the water level if your tureen or bowl is shallow, since flowers can be quite thirsty!



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Antique Transferware Tureen | Taper Candles Gift Set Le Marron | Miniature Chest of Drawers



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