First, thank YOU all so very much for the amazing response, the calls, the emails, and the love you’ve lavished on the FrenchGardenHouse Fall French HOME collection!

I love choosing special things for our FrenchGardenHouse for fall. Choosing a few that will make your home just that much more beautiful, warm and welcoming in fall? A true blessing.

Footed Toleware Monteith Compote

Behind the scenes, part of the fun is styling the gift collection – and the antiques I’ve gathered – so that every photograph tells the story of fall, and a beautiful, well-loved home.

Flowers, lush, ripe fruit and a few greens cut from the garden are always my favorite “go to” for styling shoots. After visiting a favorite local fruit stand,  I came home with practically a whole bushel of these amazing apples.

I couldn’t help it. Once I was there, I was reminded of the apple orchards in Europe, where each tree-ripened apple is picked at its peak of freshness, to be sold at market.  So I grabbed a few, and a few more, and before I knew it I had a car filled with delicious smelling apples!

My family’s forest – it’s a large wood where aunts and uncles have vacation homes – has a small orchard right by the main house.  Ancient trees laden with fruit as their crowing glory achieve their full splendor in the fall.

All these beautiful apples and memories awakened a desire for autumn dinners, sitting around the fire pit with family and friends and drinking a warming cocktail.

But since it’s still technically summer here in California, with warm, sunny days – even for me – that seemed a bit premature.

Fortunately, my friend Lisa from DeliciousTable had the perfect solution for my desire for an apple cocktail drink that is warming, yet still refreshing and cold! {it pays to have a chef as a friend!}

Fireball Cinnamon Apple Cider Fall Cocktails are surprisingly refreshing with orange, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cinnamon whiskey, and apple cider. The color of fall, this is really a delicious fall cocktail, it tastes like cinnamon red hots, only for grown-ups..

I love the colors in this cocktail, it’s festive, and easy to make for guests.

You-and-Me French Glasses

Here is the recipe. Because I was all-over crazy about the apples, I used apple slices as a garnish, and omitted the *cinnamon sticks, orange peel and cloves*.  The cinnamon whiskey packs enough of a cinnamon punch for me, but next time, maybe at Thanksgiving, I’ll make it the “right” way!

PIN THIS: {trust me, you’ll want to make these for the fall and Thanksgiving!}


Author: Lisa | Delicious Table


  • Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
  • Apple Cider
  • 7UP or Club Soda
  • Oranges or  blood oranges
  • Whole cloves, cinnamon sticks for optional garnish


  1. Slice oranges and squeeze a slice of orange in each glass.
  2. Fill glass ½ full of ice, pour in 1 shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.
  3. Fill the glass within an inch of top with Apple Cider.
  4. Add a splash of either 7up or Club Soda.
  5. *Place 5 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick with orange peel garnish in each glass.*
  6. Enjoy! Fall in a glass.

You can see Lisa’s original and printable recipe on here >


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