In Paris’ elegant 6th arrondisement artist, cartographer and world traveler Marin Montagut has a charming and inspiring shop filled with hand made painted pieces, antiques, and Marin’s own line of beautiful souvenirs. Everything about his shop celebrates world travel, it’s the culmination of his biggest childhood dream. While the Jardin du Luxembourg park dominates this chic Left Bank area, it’s Marin’s shop that is the most magical delight. It’s a Favorite Shop in Paris, Marin Montagut – join me for a virtual visit today.



Inspired by the women in his family, traveling around the world, antiques and flea markets. Coming by his talent partially through his genes, his grandmother was an artist, his mother organizes an antique fair Coco & Co in Honfleur.



Marin is a self-taught artist, he started his brand by making stunning hand-painted goods, such as botanical wall hangings and prints.


Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut


Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut


To fit his shop with storage, he bought the entire interior of a grocery store from the he south of France which was going to be destroyed, and had it custom fitted for his Rue de Madame shop.


Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut


“I wanted to create a store that will make you dream and travel to the Paris of yesterday, where every detail makes the difference.”


Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut


Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut

Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut


He created charming Bonjour city map-guides, a series of illustrated pocket guides to his favorite old-world addresses in Paris, London and New York. You can get your own copy of Marin’s Bonsoir Paris map, it offers his curated recommendations for a genuinely local experience about places only true Parisians know about. In this pocket-sized map he shares rare and soulful places that exude an enviable je ne sais quoi.  Buy your own copy of Marin’s Guide to Paris HERE >


Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut

French country souvenirs


These days he’s collaborated with several big designer brands, and has added whimsical porcelains, silk scarves and pillows to his product line. There really is no bounds to what he creates, each piece is more inspiring than the next. What I love most about his shop and products? You guessed it if you’ve read me for a long time, it’s the F U N he builds into each design!


I pretty much love every single thing he designs, and sells!  Every one of his designs will work in a traditional home filled with antiques, or a contemporary space.


pink wall of inspiring products

Favorite Shop in Paris | Marin Montagut


Marin spends his time between his Paris home and his country retreat in Normandy.  You can watch a few clips of his tv show MAPS here > , each segment features Marin driving through an area on his Vespa, and visiting some special places he loves. Great fun!


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Thank you so much, Marin, for allowing me to share your work, your inspiring shop, and your talent!


If you are in Paris, be sure to visit Marin’s shop and prepare to fall in love! Better buy an extra suitcase just in case.


Marin Montagut


Photos by Romain Ricard.


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Marin Montagut, 48 rue Madame, 75006 Paris
Marin’s Website:


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A Favorite Shop in Paris, Marin Montagut is definitely one of ours!




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