I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to this glorious book

Enduring Southern Homes

Enduring Southern Homes written by Eric Ross.


Eric’s design philosophy is simple: your home should represent who you are on your best day.


A master at creating timeless interiors, Eric designs inspiring, beautiful homes.





John and I met Eric and his wife Ruthann on an antiques buying trip


in Italy.  We had the best time, and felt an instant bond.



Not only is Eric fun, witty and charming, he has incredible taste.





He loves traditional design, believes more is more {layers!}



 and uses timeless, classic details in every home he designs.





Last year, Eric and Ruthann called me to tell me that Eric was writing his first book.



And I’ve been eagerly waiting to pour over every page ever since then!



I knew it would be amazing, because, well, he is amazing!





Eric’s book is truly everything I knew it would be.




Filled with incredible interiors.


 Eric showcases some of his most beautiful projects


and gives tips on how you can create your very own enduring home.





A genius at layering fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, furnishings and antiques,


Eric’s design tips will help you create a beautiful home with enduring style


that reflects the way you live, and your passions.




A native of Kentucky, Eric and his wife Ruthann live in Nashville, Tennessee with their daughter,


in their stunning home Boxwood Hill.





His Southern approach to traditional decorating includes a little bit of French country,


and a lot of Southern hospitality.







You will love this book, it’s filled with refined homes with a Southern aesthetic.



Real homes for real people, with tasteful displays of the homeowners’ personal collections,


blue and white porcelains, and everything we love.





Homes that Eric designed to become the backdrop to



all of the most important moments in his client’s lives.





With a background in custom furnishings and a penchant for traditional fabrics and antiques,




Eric creates home interiors steeped in the heritage and romance of the South.







 The design of these homes range from French Country to English  equestrian,



Southern traditional to modern farmhouse.





The one thing these interiors all have in common is


that je nais se quois that Eric masterfully creates in each of his designs,


comfortable, beautiful and personal Southern living with timeless style.





I’ll be honest, I can’t wait to read this book from cover to cover.


I want to go back and look at all the details and small vignettes


of each room. Because they are so inspirational!





You will want to order a book here:

Enduring Southern Homes

Enduring Southern Homes written by Eric Ross.


{and order plenty to gift to everyone you love who adores great design.}





ps. You can read more about  Eric HERE >


All Photos copyrighted by Evin Krehbiel.


à bientôt


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