My Dreaming of a White Christmas Table is set with white and gleaming gold, a reflection of a sparkling and wintery Christmas time. The world sparkles at Christmas time, doesn’t it? It seems brighter and lighter, with all the twinkling lights and glow of candles. As a little girl in Europe I loved nothing better than seeing all those lights, especially reflected on our snowy streets. With those memories in mind, I decorated My Dreaming of a White Christmas Table.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Snowy White Christmas Table


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Thank you so much for joining us today! Mary, Pam and I are delighted to feature a white Christmas flower arrangement today! I’ll be linking to their gorgeous posts at the bottom, so grab a cup of your favorite warming holiday drink and please come in!



Dreaming of a White Christmas Table


To bring that magical snowy light into our home for the holidays that I loved so much as a little girl, I designed this table setting mostly in white and gold. But I couldn’t resist sneaking in a pop of turquoise, because these antique French opaline blue glass vases with gold stars seemed a perfect reflection of a European star filled wintry evening!

Dreaming of a White Christmas

French style Christmas Table


This is such a special time of year, the world seems brighter, filled with light when we spend our time together and share our love and caring hearts. And the days leading up to the moment when the Savior brought light into the world seem seeped in magic.

FrFrench hristmas tableseiting

antique gold encrusted plates for Christmas


The Flowers


After coming home from our latest 10 day trip, I kept my centerpiece simple. Because this holiday elf needs to get much accomplished before Christmas happens at FrenchGardenHouse! And I got a wicked cold, the first one in many, many years.  I’m on the mend {fingers crossed} because it seems a cold always comes at a time when you least can use one. : )


Since the antique opaline French vase is already festive with the sparkling gold stars, I kept the flowers simple and used three large white amaryllis, greens and fresh eucalyptus. I nestled in a few ornaments in aqua blue for an added punch.  Sometimes simple works wonders, and this is especially true at holiday time, when the beauty of white flowers agains a backdrop of luscious fresh greens is all you need.

White Christmas table
White Amaryllis centerpiece

French opaline Holidays

White Christmas Flowers


The Table


Just like a blanket of beautiful snow, this antique hand made lace tablecloth is the base for my Christmas table. One of the most exciting tablecloths I’ve ever found for FrenchGardenHouse, this one is incredible. All hand made lace, with insets of cherubs and magical floral designs.  I saw lace tablecloths like this in museums in Italy, and it’s no wonder. The amount of time it must have taken to create this by hand must have been crazy, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime heirloom find, and also a pristine background for this festive table. {I’ll be adding it to the web-shop soon} I used vintage gold encrusted dinner plates for each setting, {also coming soon!} and antique linen napkins.  French Ercuis flatware is laid down in the French style.  A paper bird as place card is also a take home favor for the guests.

Dreaming of a White Christmas Table

French Christmas table settingDreaming of a White Christmas Table

French Christmas Table



I hope you enjoy this magical table and get inspired for your own holiday table settings!  Please be sure to visit my dear friends Mary and Pam by clicking on their links.

Orchid Christmas arrangment
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white flowers for Christmas
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Dreaming of a White Christmas
and me, Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse



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