There is nothing more enjoyable than having people you love over for dinner!



If that dinner is super easy to make, all the better.


In the fall, I love to make huge pots of soup, to serve with warm crusty French bread right out of the oven, and my own version of Beurre de Herbes.




Always a huge hit, and so easy to make at home!  I’ve shared this recipe before, but it bears repeating, it’s perfect to have a few rolls in the freezer, ready to pull out at a moments notice when you have unexpected guests coming for dinner or lunch.


You probably have all the ingredients in the fridge and your pantry already.



Here is my delicious French Country Butter, it’s a snap to put together as you will see.

Just be sure to use unsalted butter.



  • 1 stick or 2 sticks unsalted butter
  • 1 tablespoon of cut up Capers
  • 1 sprinkling of Herbes de Provence
  • chives, chopped small
  • a little freshly ground pepper



  1. Mix the butter together with the chopped chives, the capers, herbes de Provence, and pepper to taste.
  2. Mix well so that the ingredients are distributed.  Spoon onto a square of waxed paper or parchment paper in a long shape.
  3. Roll into a zucchini sized shape, twist the ends of the paper, and tie together with kitchen string.
  4. If you will be freezing your butter, a zip loc plastic bag adds protection.
  5. Eat tonight with bread, or if freezing, defrost for a while but make sure the butter doesn’t get too soft.  Once the “frozen” is gone, place in the refrigerator to keep it firm. You can slice it ahead of time, serve each guest their own portion on an antique butter pat, or let everyone use a special knife on the plate to add it to their plates.






So easy, and just delicious!


You can vary the ingredients, sometimes I make this with grated Lemon Peel and other herbs.  Just experiment!




Serve with that delicious bread.



It keeps well packaged up in the paper and bag in the freezer so that all you have to do is defrost for a special treat with some great bread for company or a week night with your family.


I hope you make this and enjoy it!





à bientôt




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