Decorating your Christmas tree is one of the most magical moments of the holiday season.  There is something so nostalgic and beautiful about taking a plain tree and turning it into the shining star of your holiday home.  For me, it always makes me a little teary-eyed, remembering all the Christmases in the past.


Every holiday season at FrenchGardenHouse, I have fun coming up with new ways to decorate our home, but our tree usually stays the same. Until this year! 

This year, I’m collaborating with Tree Classics, and designed a completely different tree for the living room which I shared here >



Most exciting of all, this is the first year we have a tree in our master bedroom. Oh! I love it, in the early morning hours and early evening, the lights glimmer and glow, and I can’t help but think about how special this time of year really is.

Today I’m thrilled to join some of my favorite blog friends for Snowy Sundays to share our snowy white tree inspiration.



For this tree, I imagined sparkling silver ornaments, soft grey satin bows, and glittering branches, as well as snow. What a tree would look like in a chateau in France, white, glittering and gorgeous!

The colors in our bedroom are soft greys, accented with white and just a hint of gold, this tree is the perfect decorative holiday ouch for this room.



Our master bedroom is where my collection of children’s books are kept in bookcases {soon to be replaced with grey built-ins} so having two antique French chairs next to the tree is a cozy spot for me to read to our three little people.





The base for any tree is fabulous lighting. The more sparkle and shine, the better, so load up your tree with plenty of lights.  It’s what I love most about the Tree Classic Flocked White Fir Deluxe. It has professionally strung lights to hide the wires, and if one bulb burns out, the rest stay lit.

I’ve fallen in love with the convenience  a pre-lit provides, it allows me to get straight to the decorating!




Before you start adding your ornaments, think about the over-all look you want for your tree. You can create a totally new theme and look like I did this year, or change up your “tried and true” a little bit. If you usually create a tree filled with ornaments passed down in your family, you can still spice it up a little by adding holiday picks, a new color of ribbon, or antique postcards.

Use as much of your creativity and imagination to create a tree that will be a showstopper and make you smile each time you see it, and add things that matter to you.



One of my favorite family holiday traditions we have at FrenchGardenHouse is that John and I donate to a charity in the name of each of our children and grandchildren each year. One of my favorites is World Vision. Each year we purchase something that will help a family in need. The World Vision Gift Catalog has goats, chickens, clothing, and much more that can completely change a family’s life. Their motto is “Give a Gift, Change a Life” – they have been changing lives since the 1950’s. Empowering people out of poverty, and going into places around the world that others don’t go.



We give our children and little people a clear ornament filled with something inside, and a scrap of paper with the gift we gave in their name to another family.  Each year the ornaments are different, large or small. Last year I filled a small glass ornament with sparkling white glitter, this year’s ornament is large, filled with faux “snow” and tied with a sheer French ribbon.

I hope that as their collection of these ornaments grow, so does their love for sharing their blessings.



With a beautiful tree from Tree Classics, you are half-way there to designing a gorgeous tree!  For our snowy master bedroom tree, I tucked in glittering metallic silver and white faux leaf picks here and there, as well as white feather boas I bought per yard at the fabric store on sale. The feathery segments really make this tree look like it is covered in snow!

The picks add a base layer of sparkle, texture and interest. You will be surprised at how the picks of leaves transform the look of your tree. Along with a few statement ornaments, the Silver Ornament Collection and the Silver Sequin Tree Skirt  add shimmer and shine. And French style elegance!



Styling Tip: Decorating a tree is like creating a beautiful painting. Try things out, experiment! If you don’t like where a certain ornament or embellishment is, change it to another place until your tree looks just like you imagined. I usually start with the largest ornaments, hanging some of them deep inside the tree within the branches to add depth.  Then start adding medium and small ornaments and embellishments.


See how pretty the light reflects off the hundreds of silver sequins on the tree skirt? It adds another light reflection glow and glamour to the tree, especially at night.


The very last layer for a stunning tree is ribbon.  Ribbon is another layer of “jewelry” for your tree.  For this tree, I choose a soft grey satin ribbon, with a hint of silver on the edges.  I cut the ribbon into manageable lengths, and tucked the ribbon here and there inside the branches. I used ribbon with wire edges to make it really easy.



I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into our master bedroom this holiday season.  BTW: for those of you eagerly awaiting our latest collection of Parisian Atelier Ornaments and tassels, they’ve arrived! And I’ll have them available in the Holiday Gift Collection this coming week!



Flocked White Fir Deluxe
60″ Silver Sequin Tree Skirt
Gold & Silver Glass Ornament Set
Silver and Gold Collection Assorted Ornaments
Champagne Gold Finials






{Tree Classics provided the tree, tree skirt and ornaments for this post. The “I never knew how fabulous an all-white tree could be!” love is all mine. }