Shells, with their memories of joyful summers at the beach,


have enchanted us since the beginning of time.




Treasures of the sea, shells add a touch of seaside elegance to any room.





And summer time is the perfect time to add something beautiful to your collection!





I love finding antique pieces with shell motifs!





These mementoes of the ocean have a quiet, understated beauty,






and  bring us sweet memories of fun, relaxing days spent at the ocean.



Antique Victorian Shell Artwork Sewing Box


Antique Shellwork Sewing Dresser Box





Curvaceous and graceful, shell covered antiques or decorative antiques with a shell theme



bring the alluring romance of summer to your home decor.



I hope you bring your shells out to decorate with for this season,




nothing brings back memories of sand, and sea more beautifully!







à bientôt

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