A keepsake is a special item with the memory of the person who either originally owned it, or gave it to you. Or both.



It can be something you give to someone you love. Or something you buy for yourself in memory of a special person or time period in your life.

A keepsake can be something beautiful, something funny and silly, anything that makes you think of a certain day or person with love.






Keepsakes can be any collection of things you love.


I’ve always had some collections {it’s how I originally became an antique dealer!} – one collection  that I display at home is the antique Dutch Blue & White porcelains that remind me of my Dutch heritage. I had a collection of ducks in our early married life – which I discontinued because all of a sudden everyone for every occasion was gifting us ducks of all kinds, the ducks were taking over!  But they were keepsakes of an important part of my life {I’ve since weaned that keepsake collection down to 1 or 2 feathered friends.}







My favorite keepsakes are jewelry, because they are so personal, you wear them on your self, and they are the most sentimental keepsake.







I have collected keepsakes over the years in my jewelry box that are so meaningful to me. You too? Each one has so many happy memories attached to them, and I never take them for granted.


A few years ago, someone broke into our home and stole my jewelry box, and though I was sad about it, I was thankful that it only contained my Mom’s costume jewelry, and not the sweet more special pieces I received from her over the years to mark milestones in my life.






I have my first gold pin, in the shape of a little deer, that my grandparents gifted me on my 8th birthday. I have saved little bits of jewelry given to me over the years by friends, my Mom, even a colorful beaded necklace one of my little people made for my birthday one year.






When my Mom passed away, I bought a watch I’d always wanted in her memory, I wear it every day and it never ceases to bring thoughts of her to my heart.





That’s the beauty of keepsakes, if you didn’t receive any from your past, you can buy one for yourself and attach a special meaning to it! Your memories of the person or day or time you loved will evolve, grow and become a part of your future.







a small item kept in memory of the person who gave it or originally owned it.






Keepsakes are so important to me, it’s one of the reasons I buy antique necklaces that are so unique, so that you can choose one to give someone that will be unlike any other.



And your gift will become a keepsake to them, that they will cherish and hold in their heart forever.








These antique lockets, chatelaine pencils and fob necklaces are keepsakes in every way. They are beautiful on their own or layered together. They are appropriate as a gift to almost any age woman, from teen to the 90’s. {Have you noticed that more and more women are living a full, meaningful life until their late 90’s?}





A keepsake necklace is an enchanting heartwarming gift for so many occasions; for your daughter’s sweet sixteen, for your girlfriend’s 40th birthday, for your mom’s 65th.  To honor a new daughter-in-law or the mother of your first grandchild. To honor yourself….for any kind of milestone you’ve reached!







I’ve named this season’s Jewelry Collection the KEEPSAKE COLLECTION. Because of all of the above.







I can’t choose a favorite, each one is exceptional, I hope you might find one for a gift or for yourself.



There aren’t that many of them as they are rare to find in good condition. I have to say that their quality is wonderful, nothing compares to the workmanship of long ago.  Most of them are necklaces, bracelets and brooches.



Each one has had many lives before this, each one whispers stories of their past.   There are a few old favorite styles, and new ones too.



Whether you are celebrating a new life, honoring a milestone, or memorializing someone who has passed, antique jewelry keepsakes are a meaningful, personal gift.






à bientôt




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  1. Nancy, isn’t that what we love about antique jewelry? The stories they could tell, if only they could talk!

  2. Jeanie, you are right! I love the things I collected with special meaning, and I try to give gifts that will be keepsakes, too.

  3. Oh Lidy, I love this post!! Jewelry is very dear to my heart as well. I have several lovely pieces from my mom and a couple from my grandma, but I think my most treasured are the ones from my husband who died 31 years ago. We were both 39. He spoiled me with many beautiful pieces that I treasure beyond words. This post ‘made me’ go back and loving look and touch and reminisce these treasures from my mom, Grandma and husband. Thank you for making this day a special one of remembrance!

  4. Sharon, how wonderful that you have those treasured keepsakes, especially from your sweet husband. I am so sorry you lost him so young. I am grateful that today brought back memories, and I hope they were sweet, friend. xo Lidy

  5. Hoi Lidy, Thanks for the great lesson on keepsakes! Wat een prachtige sieraden!! I have a lot of keepsakes, like a little vase with rhinestones from my grandmother, beautiful earrings from an aunt, a necklace from another aunt, jewelry from my mother but also pretty art journals from friends, cards and bookmarks, prayer cards, feathers, so many little things too. Toevallig sprak ik net tegen een andere online vriendin over de herinneringen aan kerstdecoraties. Zo leuk! Anyway, i’m glad you got the ducks on a row, haha. Funny story. You made me laugh 😀

  6. Thank you Ingeborg! I love that you have so many keepsakes, and yes! gifts made by friends are also precious keepsakes. : )

  7. I couldn’t agree more! Like you, my favorite keepsakes are antique jewelry pieces, some that I have inherited and some purchased from estate jewelry stores. I love seeing all of your gorgeous keepsakes! Happy Thursday, Lidy ~

  8. Happy Thursday! It is such a treat to wear Keepsake jewelry and be reminded of a sweet person or special occasion, isn’t it?

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