It’s that time of the year! I can’t tell you all how excited I am about everything FALL. Are you breaking out the fancy flatware, cleaning up your harvest colored drinking glasses and adding a few antiques to bring flair and personality to dress up your table? I am! Today I’m sharing this fun, non-traditional Chinoiserie Harvest Table Setting. So you know that fall table settings don’t all have to be pumpkin everything – although I’m a big pumpkin fan.


Set a Harvest Table


This Chinoiserie Harvest Table Setting features Chinoiserie looking plates, an antique embroidered table cloth and napkins along with flowers in rich fall colors to create a table that is both beautiful and inspired. I believe that using antique and quite unique pieces on your table create a fun and fabulous experience for guests.


Harvest Table Setting

Harvest Table Setting







Pam, Mary and I are all featuring our own personal take on Harvest today, I know you will love visiting both of my friends for their inspiring ideas! I’ll put their links at the bottom of this post so you don’t have to miss even one!


Chinoiserie Harvest Table setting


Creating unique table settings and centerpieces, mixing together antiques and contemporary pieces in playful ways bring so much joy to the table. I know a lovely table isn’t the most important thing about hosting a meal for people you love, but it does make it an occasion. The fact that you take the time to create something beautiful for your guests or your family makes everyone feel loved. Whether you cook all day {that’s not me, as you know!} or take special care in creating an exciting table setting or both, it shows your invited guests that you really care and want your time together to be meaningful.


Autumn Harvest Table


Just because you want your table to be special for the harvest season doesn’t mean you have to invest in “harvest” dishes or linens. I hope that this table, which I set in the colors of fall but none of the usual pumpkins, wheat sheafs etc. will inspire you to create a gorgeous harvest table of your own with your favorite linens and dishes. These antique plates by Minton from 1878 were my inspiration, antique plates are something you can keep forever and I hope they will inspire you to set a beautiful table for fall.

SIDE NOTE: The plates are called Denmark, so obviously the inspiration for this design was Scandinavian.  But to me, their octagonal shape, color and design felt more like Chinoiserie designs. I hope Mr. Minton forgives me for this new interpretation!


Harvest table setting


For this Chinoiserie Harvest Table Setting, I used things that don’t necessarily make anyone think of “harvest” right away. It’s to encourage YOU to set a seasonal table with some of the beautiful things you might already have. Just a few simple touches will make your table look like autumn. Do you have dishes in the closet that you almost never use? Why NOT??  Creating a special table setting for this season of harvest is great fun, and not too difficult at all. I use antiques because that’s what I have, but on other occasions I’ve shown you simple and casual tables. Honestly, use what you have and play around with that and play up the seasonal aspect. You can set a gorgeous table to enjoy this season!


Dress Your Home for Fall


Today I’ll begin with the flowers.  Often I write about the setting first, but I know that this is supposed to be about F L O W E R S.  For this arrangement, I actually bought more flowers than I needed. Not on purpose, but when I chose the vase for the table, I had half of the flowers left over so created a second arrangement. I’ll show both on the table and then you can let me know which one you like better!


Chinoiserie Harvest Table setting


Before you ask, “wait, isn’t this setting in your master bedroom?” I’ll just let you know, yes, it is!  Our house isn’t huge, and we don’t actually have a dining room. {shocking, I know!} Our master bedroom actually has a fairly large sitting area that is also connected to the back garden with big doors.  On occasion, I’ll have a little lunch or dinner inside in late fall or winter there. There is a fireplace, and the bed is really fairly far away.


Chinese table setting


Needs must. There is an outdoor sitting area right outside the bedroom doors and a large fire table too…so if it’s not too cold we can have drinks and appetizers out there and then come in and have a cozy sit down dinner in the sitting room of our master suite. I’m sharing this with you to let you know that you don’t have to follow the rules! {No dining room? Host a dinner in another room!}


Fall dinner table in French Country style


I was thrilled to find the most beautiful Orange Crush roses, little spray roses in coral, mini carnations in peach, Burgundy Beau scabiosa {pincushion flower} , and I fell in love with these chartreuse green ball dianthus fluffy flowers.  For the first arrangement, I cut large glossy green ivy leaves from the back garden, and sandwiched those between the larger and smaller glass vase so you wouldn’t see the stems of the arrangement. The dark green set off the jeweled harvest colors of all the flowers.


French Country Master Bedroom in Fall


After arranging, I went back to the garden and cut a few bright green maidenhair fern fronds to soften the line between the vase and the flowers. With the left over flowers I made an arrangement in a gold Pickard low tulip bowl and set that on the mantel, along with a gold Pickard coffee service.  Somehow with all my photo taking, I totally missed showing the Pickard Gold Compote that was on this table!


Chinoiserie dishes


The heirloom antique table cloth is a wonderful find, it is linen with hand embroidered Chinois figures, I’ve never seen another one! Each napkin has a different figure embroidered on it too, I believe was a custom ordered set, there are monograms and exceptional hand embroidery work either from Italy or Switzerland.  It is the perfect backdrop for these dishes. They are not Asian, but the color is such a gorgeous orange, and their shape is quite unusual.



My pressed glass goblets,the antique sterling and gilt salt cellars, and these small milk glass coupes along with the vintage French silver-plated flatware from Ercuis complete each setting.  The French flatware is always just as beautiful on the back, because that is how it is correctly placed on French tables, with the tines of the fork facing down. I placed a few small treats {cookies and dried orange slices} in each one of the small antique milk glass coupes at each setting.


Underneath the napkins, little acorn place cards threaded with vintage orange velvet ribbon had a special fortune cookie saying. {You can google those or make up your own!}


Antique Orange plates


I hope you love this Chinoiserie Harvest Table Setting look and are inspired to see how you can make your dream table come together in your own home! Use the colors and pieces you love, it all works if you love it. A table setting like this makes a seamless transition from autumn to Thanksgiving with just a few additions! This table would be just as appropriate for Thanksgiving, I might add some fruit and nuts to the setting, or perhaps some small turkeys down the center.


Pin Set a harvest table

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Harvest Table Setting

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