{Today, our very own Bentley is taking over the blog!}



Hello, it’s nice to be able to share something with all of you finally!

I know so many of you have seen me over the years, posing in the FGH photos,

or just being “of assistance” around the office and photo shoots.


Below is an actual photo of my brothers and sisters and me, when we were young.

I’m the cute one, second one in from the right.




It’s no secret that my people adore dogs at FrenchGardenHouse.



They love hearing the thud of my paws on the floor,



and I make their home and office a more lovely place to be.




I’m pretty lucky to have a family who loves me!

{They could do better and give me more treats,

instead of limiting them saying I would gain too much weight.}




And I get to tell you about our latest product line….which I love!

{I chose it myself!} which benefits dogs who are not so lucky.




But first, let’s talk a little about me ..ahem, I mean…..dogs.



Did you know that your dog’s nose can be used

to prove his identity, just like your fingerprint?


It’s true! A dog’s nose print is unique, just like human fingerprints.



The Canadian Kennel Club has been accepting dog nose prints as a form of identity since 1938.




Can you guess what age the oldest dog was?



It’s the Australian cattle dog Bluey,



who  lived for 29 years and 5 months. {In human years, Bluey was about 160!}



Do you know why Labradors are called Labradors?


Labradors were originally bred to work in Newfoundland,


they spent their days working near the Labrador Sea off the coast of eastern Canada.





Do you know which dog has been on the top 10 popular breeds list longest?


Labradors, of course! We’ve been on the AKC top 10 for 25 consecutive years

longer than any other breed.




Do you know why tiny Pekingese dogs are called sleeve dogs?


Because in ancient China, people kept warm by putting these tiny dogs inside their sleeves.

Okay, enough dog facts, fascinating though I know we are!


Let’s talk about my own the Dog Lover’s gift line I picked out now.



It all began with this great mug my people found at market.


Not French, nor antique, but we all loved it!



So I had the brilliant idea, that if we all loved dogs so much

 {well, my people anyway. Me? I much prefer people to other dogs}



Our FrenchGardenHouse friends would too!



We chose the beautiful tea and coffee mugs and paired them with a matching tea towel.


Well known for their faithful temperament and beautiful silky coats,


this set features affectionate and sociable springer, cocker and Cavalier King Charles spaniels.



For everyone who loves dogs!


This is the perfect gift to give someone who shares



your affinity for the best four legged friends.




This set features those adorable rascals, Terriers.



Who wouldn’t love  an adorable fine china mug

that brightens up every cup of coffee or tea,



This set features wire haired dachshunds, springer spaniels, cocker spaniels,


black labradors, pugs, jack russells and fox red labradors.


And each set comes with a matching towel, to dry dog bowls


or anything else that might need a stylish dry.



Best part, each set comes with this tag


featuring a very handsome and smart dog.

{yes, me!}


and a portion of each gift set sold benefits dog shelters.


Because lots of dogs are not as fortunate as me, or the ones you love and share your home with.



SPANIELS                               TERRIERS                        DOG LOVERS






‘Til next time,


xo Bentley