Who doesn’t adore a delicious, chocolate bonbon?  A decadent bonbon served with an antique sterling silver bonbon spoon is even better! Today, I’m sharing a little snippet of history about these delicate, finely made sterling silver bonbon spoons, so that you, too, will be Bedazzled by Bonbon Spoons.




The name bon bons comes from the French word “bon”, which means “good”.  Double “bons”, or bonbon, sometimes spelled bon bon, makes for a double delight!



Bedazzled by BonBon Spoons




First, a little about the Bonbons themselves. They haven’t always been drenched in delectable chocolate. When they first became an exceptional gift to give, and receive, they were very different from what they are now!


Long ago, the bonbon could also be a very small sweet made with sugar coated almonds, so small {and expensive} that the containers for them were miniature works of art.  The little antique enameled box we sold quite a while ago – shown below –  is an example of a such “bonbon” container.




In the French Royal Court, giving the gift of the bonbons was a gesture of distinction and good taste.  Especially for the New Year celebration, ladies and gentlemen of the court gifted bonbons in very fanciful boxes as a way of honoring the recipient.


The boxes were often made of gold, or gilded metal, and had hand painted portraits on the top.  This antique gilt jeweled “Bonbon” Box – which was now intended to hold jewelry or powder on a vanity, below, with it’s little portrait on top is a design made in the 1800’s. Designs such as this one were Inspired by the chocolate or candy boxes of the upper echelon of France’s society.  Made with the greatest care by Empire Art, each one was a treasure, candy or not.


French bon bon box


In the late 1800’s when chocolate making, both in small elite chocolate boutiques as well as larger company settings really became popular, the bonbon was still a much appreciated and favored gift.  Meant to be a delicacy served with coffee or tea, luxury presentation pieces were designed to hold the delicious bonbons.


This miniature Tiffany sterling pierced basket  was made between 1904 -1907. It resembled the large bride’s baskets but was meant to showcase and serve petite chocolate bonbons.


Bedazzled by BonBon Spoons


Slightly larger, for a real chocolate aficionado, porcelain candy containers were created in all sorts of designs. The one pictured below was made of bisque with cherub designs and in the shape of an egg, on a gilded stand. It would be a wonderful treat to set up on a side board or your tea table filled with delicious chocolate bonbons, non?



antique Sevres Porcelain



Because chocolates really do better without refrigeration, little BonBon spoons and tongs were designed and made by silversmiths so that no one had to touch the room temperature chocolates with one’s fingers.



antique silver bonbon tongs



Each guest could select the perfect bonbon from the beautiful silver bonbon baskets or boxes with a petite sized silver tong like the one above. No need to touch any of the chocolates with their fingers.



Bedazzled by BonBon Spoons



Most bonbon spoons have a pierced bowl, and exquisite designs.  Some were monogrammed as a special gift.



sterling candy spoon



While we’re not court ladies and gentlemen with nothing better to do than carefully choose bonbon after bonbon in our leisure time, we can adapt these lovely sterling antique spoons and baskets for entertaining today.



Bedazzled by BonBon Spoons



Bedazzled by BonBon Spoons


An inspired way to serve our favorite chocolates, or after dinner mints to guests.  One of our FrenchGardenHouse clients adds a spoon or two to her collection each time we offer them, she uses them to serve nuts during cocktail hour at home!



Bedazzled by BonBon Spoons



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Now that you know a little bit of their history, are you a little more Bedazzled by Bonbon Spoons?





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