Happy Monday! It finally feels like our Fall weather is back in full swing, after a few days of crazy hot weather.




I can’t believe it either, but it’s almost time for Thanksgiving! Today I’m collaborating with my blogging friends for our Monday Morning Blooms featuring some fine feathered floral arrangements!  You will be able to click on my friend’s links and visit their beautiful feathered floral creations at the bottom of this post.





Our theme for this week’s edition of Monday Morning Blooms was to create an arrangement using flowers and pheasant feathers. I decided that a centerpiece worthy of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday was a great idea for this Monday Morning Blooms.  I looked around the garden and clipped some silver-sheen branches from the front garden and a few hydrangeas from our back garden to add to this arrangement of store bought mums and chamomille.





I started with a favorite antique French ironstone tureen that has a beautiful floral theme.  For easy arranging, and to support the flowers, I used the clear florist tape from our French Flower Arranging Kit to tape a grid on the tureen.


I also inserted a small glass on one side to elevate a small pumpkin, since I didn’t want to use a pick this time to pierce the pumpkin.  You can see it resting on top of the glass in the photo below, although I nestled it on the tureen after adding the first layer of greens and base flowers.






Here in Southern California we sometimes host all or part of our Thanksgiving in the back garden, depending on how large our crowd is, and weather permitting.   I decided to set a table in the back garden, sort of a “practice-run” for the tables at Thanksgiving, featuring this feathered floral arrangement.


After adding my foraged green branches to the taped grid, I began grouping a few mum flowers in small bunches, and tucking them into the taped grid, alternating with groups of the little white chamomille flowers.




Next,  I carefully placed the pumpkin on its glass “stand” and filled in empty spots with the hydrangea, and finally added little groups of pheasant feathers.  And since I still had two sprigs of copper sprayed leaves left from a baby shower, I tucked them into the flowers too. So easy, you just kind of fuss a little with it until you like it.


Nothing could be easier!





And here she is, the French tureen filled with a fine feathered floral arrangement…..



as the centerpiece for this autumn table-setting!





The tablecloth foundation for this table is an antique French linen sheet, on which I placed my favorite Floribel ironstone plates. I love the plates – they match the tureen – because they have beautiful designs of wildflowers and butterflies on them.





My everyday flatware adds another touch of nature, and the Linen Embroidered Napkins are

a perfect match for this setting, don’t you agree?





I favored each setting with a box of our French Salted Caramels, which will be part of the NOEL Collection,

which launches soon!



Tied with a lustrous brown double satin bow, who wouldn’t want to receive them?

They melt in your mouth and taste like heaven in the Provence.







Instead of using a wine cooler, I added ice to an antique French Country confit pot to keep

a bottle of bubbly nearby to enjoy.






The lavender goblets are such a beautiful color, they were an inexpensive find at T.J. Maxx years ago.








Autumn is my very favorite season, and after a few strange really hot days,

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s here to stay.



For our Thanksgiving, even if we decide to eat inside, the outside table will most likely be set to serve appetizers and drinks in the early afternoon.  We’ll sit snugly around the firepit for a while, in the waning afternoon sun.


In the following weeks, look for some beautiful entertaining ideas and recipes from the styled photo shoot my friend
Lisa Hatfield and I put together for our entertaining series.





Please go visit my talented friends to see their feathered floral arrangements today.



MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs


PAM at Everyday Living


and me,

LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse


Our sweet friend SHIRLEY at Housepitality Designs is taking a break, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.







à bientôt




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