Autumn Inspiration is everywhere! I bought so many apples last week, that what we didn’t eat, turn into delicious treats or pile into bowls around the house, I made floating candles with. So easy. So gorgeous. The weather is still nice enough to have a meal outside, bundle up in a cozy sweater if you must, and enjoy dinner out in your garden. Make a few of these apple candle holders, and float in an old bucket or ironstone bowl.   Since school has started at the little school across the street from our home, I put little red apples around the ivy filled urns on our front steps too.  They actually stay good for quite a while in cooler weather, unless the birds find them after a few weeks.

I bought that handy little apple cutter below, at our neighborhood Ace Hardware, it’s very sharp, you just insert it into an apple and sort of twist it until it cuts a perfect hollow for a votive candle.

A handy tip: try floating your apples in the water before you cut a hole for the candles. Some of my apples just wanted to float sideways, no matter how nicely I talked to them, which is fine for decoration, but obviously doesn’t work when you want to add a candle to light.  The apple votives look great just lined up on your dining room table too, like the green ones above, if you don’t want to float them.

Do you have any inspired ideas on how to decorate with apples for fall? {can I just say I LOVE the apple cider containers with apples around them, in the photo above?! ~ What a beautiful presentation. Makes me want to have a party!}

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