Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement


Have you ever needed an elegant, easy and beautiful centerpiece in a hurry? This Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement is it!
For this Monday Morning Blooms, we decided to “copy” one of the beautiful floral arrangements in Victoria’s book The Art of Flowers.



Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement








Problem? Our family is going away for a long anticipated vacation {yay!} this week, so time is at a premium for me to create something book worthy!


Because our {fully-vaccinated} immediate family is gathering together in a vacation rental house for a week, there is a lot to do. a lot. You know. Figure out what summery clothes you still fit in. {house is in the desert with pool and tennis court} Plan what food you need to take. Plan and make 3 meals that are “ready to go” so you don’t have to eat out every day. Work ahead to make sure the FrenchGardenHouse part of life runs smoothly in your absence. Plan for dog sitter, house sitter, plants and gardens getting watered. And all that stuff moms do before going anywhere.





So…Pam, Mary and Shirley will wow you with fancy, beautifully arranged flowers, I’m going to dazzle you with mini orchids! {fingers crossed.}  This idea from the pages of The Art of Flowers is such an easy, most elegant solution.  A solution that is perfect anytime you, too, want something stunning with little effort!



Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement


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For this arrangement, time worn antique French seedling pots hold miniature Phalaenopsis orchids in beautiful spring colors. The roughness of the antique French pots are a wonderful textural contrast to the gleaming antique silver trays.


Each little orchid has a special luminous glow, and honestly, aren’t they so cute?  The really tiny ones are called Darling Orchids by the grower Westerlay.  They really are…..darling!



Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement


Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement


Pronounced: fayl-eh-NOP-sis



Phalaenopsis orchids are amongst the easiest orchids to care for!  With a little love and care, these little beauties will reward you with several months worth of blooms.


Most orchids are either planted in special bark, or moss. The orchids in bark will need water every 7 to 10 days. You’ll figure out when the pot feels “light”. For orchids in moss, like the Darling Orchids, water when the top feels dry every two weeks. Just don’t over water. If in doubt, wait a day.

Orchids prefer to be watered in the morning. I put mine in the kitchen sink and use luke-warm water. I let water run through the pot once or twice, then let the pot drain all the way. Use a paper towel to blot water out of the crown {where the leaves come together on the plant} to avoid crown rot. {as ugly as it sounds}


Phalaenopsis do not need bright light. They thrive in a filtered light.  And the plant itself will let you know if its getting enough light! The leaves should be an olive green color. If they are much darker, it means the plant needs more light. If the leaves have a slightly red tint, your orchid is getting too much light!


Some people like to place their orchids on shallow trays with pebbles and water for humidity. I just mist my orchids lightly with a spray bottle set on fine mist whenever I think of it. {which, if I’m honest, is not that often!} Unless you have a heater or air conditioner on 24/7, a light mist once in a while will be enough to make your orchids happy.


I am a bad orchid mama. I don’t fertilize my orchids but if you are really into growing orchids, you can. Orchid food is available in most nurseries, and my Mr. FGH advises to feed half strength weekly. Be sure to flush your orchid once a month to get rid of the accumulated salts.


Orchids thrive in the same temperatures we do. Somewhere between 65 – 80 degrees is comfortable. If temperatures drop inside your home dramatically from 80 to say, 60 at night, this might be a problem for the orchids as the buds might drop off.


Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement


Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement


I hope you try this Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement – it’s such an elegant and easy centerpiece or arrangement for your own home with some miniature orchids.


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Before you run off to my very talented friend’s blogs to see their gorgeous floral inspiration – we have news!  We’re so excited today to announce the winners of our Victoria The Art Of Flowers book!

Here at FrenchGardenHouse our winner is GLORIA P.  Thank you so much to all of you for entering in the fun….Gloria is the lucky winner!  {Don’t dispair, the rest of you can order your own copy of this stunning book filled with floral inspiration HERE > }


The Art of Flowers


Please PIN for future floral fun! {Not that it’s difficult, just so you remember to DO THIS~

Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement


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Antique French Greenhouse Pot Arrangement

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