There are few things I love more than a lush, full floral bouquet, it’s true. I come from a family that always had fresh flowers at home in Europe, every single week. But sometimes there’s no time for running to the flower market, and the dread of flowers dying so quickly in the heat of summer makes me a little stressed. You too? Not to worry, a few beautiful flowers in some small vases is the perfect answer. Together they make an elegant simple white flower arrangement that will brighten up any room in your home.


An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement



Thank you for your visit…I hope you will be blessed by today’s flower therapy.  Whether you are savoring a cup of hot coffee or tea, or are enjoying a cool glass of sweet tea, I’m delighted you are here!


Monday Morning Blooms


My friends Pam, Mary, Shirley and I are featuring white flowers this time. White is lovely anytime of year, but especially refreshing in the hot weeks of summer.

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An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement


We live near the ocean in Southern California, and in the summer, it can get a little warm here at FrenchGardenHouse for big floral bouquets. Think petals dropping, flowers wilting, and an all around “way too much work” for beautiful summery days. We don’t have air conditioning {we’ve never really needed it! – although the temperatures are getting warmer so we’re thinking of it for the future.}

In the summer, I often love very simple flower arrangements, with just a few flowers, snipped from the garden. You really don’t need a flower shop filled with blooms to create an elegant simple white flower arrangement.


An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement


For my white flower “arrangement” I snipped a few of Mr. FGH’s precious iceberg roses {don’t tell, he thinks his garden flowers should stay in the garden at all times!} and arranged them together with some bright greenery from the front garden in a collection of antique hand vases. This arrangement shows floral beauty doesn’t need to be complicated.


An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement


An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement


A favorite area in our master bedroom where the little arrangements add some fresh color. It’s not a very big area, {although I have actually hosted a Christmas luncheon here!} and the perfect place to curl up with a book. The cabinet behind the chair with the bunny houses my collection of children’s books for my little people. They love to go in there and select a few books, either to read themselves or have us read it to them.


French Country decorating


An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement


I think that these little arrangements balance the ornate gilding on the chairs, and the French Country style of my latest “keeper”, this gorgeous antique wicker trunk. I’m not sure if this trunk will stay here in this exact spot, but for now it’s very happy to serve as a table in this area.


An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement


These antique Victorian hand vases are perfect for filling with flowers and brightening up this area. You can make an arrangement like this with small vases or bottles you have on hand. Even one flower per vase or bottle makes an impact. I try to incorporate little flower moments like this into areas here at home that can be improved by adding some green and pretty petals.


white rose arrangements


silver tray with vases


Thank you so much for your visit! I hope you will be inspired to add at least one beautiful flower or even green thing from your garden to your home.  It doesn’t have to be big and bold every time. Sometimes a small touch of nature is just right to enliven your favorite room and remind you of the beauty of God’s creation.


An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement


How to Arrange white flowers


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An Elegant Simple White Flower Arrangement

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Single flower arrangements, yes or no to bring the beauty of nature inside?




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