It’s sunflower season!  August with its hot days of summer is the time that the happy faces of sunflowers arrive to bring charm and their bit of sunshine to your home.  Their brilliant yellow color brightens up every spot around your house, and their golden colors glow with summer and early autumn joy. Here is An Easy Sunflower Arrangement that brings in the sun, and lightens up chez vous with happiness, hope and smiling flower faces.

Sunflowers are the symbol of happiness, adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Sunflowers are so easy to arrange, either alone, like I did, or with a few fillers to keep them company. They are long lasting, and the best thing is that you really don’t need that many to create a fantastic arrangement.


An Easy Sunflower Arrangement


Pam, Mary, Shirley and I are so thrilled that you are here! This time, we are all featuring sunflowers, the sunniest, happiest flowers.  I hope this post inspires you to pick up a bunch of sunflowers and add a bit of sunshine to your home.

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Monday Morning Blooms


Just like last year, I am in my “busiest” week this week, because it’s when everything I’ve sourced for the shop for F A L L starts arriving.  Today, somewhere between photographing the antiques and beautiful things I bought for this year’s fall collection, I had to figure out a way to share a floral arrangement for our beloved Monday Morning Blooms. I hope you will enjoy this easy bunch of sunflowers that I’ve placed in my armoire together with some of my very favorite antique French Country pottery pieces.


French Sunflowers


I take all my own photos for any advertising we do for FrenchGardenHouse, and these photos worked so well for the fall issue of Southern Home magazine.  After much thinking, I ended up choosing the shot without the sunflowers and added another table to the area and a painting. {for advertising, it’s better to show more of the antiques!}  I’m sharing it so that you can see the green antique French pottery piece that holds the sunflowers.


French Country Southern Home



An Easy Sunflower Arrangement

An Easy Sunflower Arrangement

Sunflowers Really are Sun-Flowers

Their very name already spells it out! “Helianthus” is their scientific name – “helia” for sun, and “anthus” for flower.  The sunflower is the only flower with “flower” in its name.

Sunflower heads point east toward the sunrise. Before they bloom, the sunflower stems tilt the flower bud to try to receive a maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day. By evening, they are pointing west, toward the sunset. The flowers actually track the sun’s position throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. Overnight, they’ll reset to their original eastward position and wait for the morning, ready to follow the sun’s path once again. Once the flowers bloom, though, they no longer follow the sun, and stay in an eastward position.


Record Setting

The tallest sunflower in the world according to Guinness is 30 ft., 1 inch high. And the biggest diameter of a sunflower head ever grown was 32-1/4″, by Emily Martin in British Columbia, Canada in September 1983.

Russian Love

Peter the Great brought sunflowers to Russia during his reign in the 1700’s after seeing them in Holland. He thought they would look wonderful in Russia’s green valleys. Originally just a decorative flower until, in 1829, an oil press was invented. Sunflower oil was much less expensive then other oils, and it became the most popular type of oil used by citizens. Russia is the number two grower of sunflowers, and sunflower seeds are a national favorite snack.





For this arrangement, I began with selecting a sturdy, tall antique French pottery piece. Sunflowers are quite heavy, so selecting the right vase that won’t tip over is always a good idea.  {Later on, I’ll share my tips for working with sunflowers in an arrangement.}


An Easy Sunflower Arrangement


An Easy Sunflower Arrangement


I love how the golden color of the flowers echo the antique French pottery pieces. The Provence area of France has fields and fields of sunflowers, and this pottery comes from there too! They are a match made in heaven I think.


An Easy Sunflower Arrangement


Sometimes it’s a great idea to put flowers in your armoire, or on a book shelf. Flowers lighten up any corner, and especially in summer or early fall when flowers are blooming profusely, it’s a good time to spread the joy beyond your coffee table or dining room, don’t you agree?


An Easy Sunflower Arrangement


Besides the sunflowers, I had a tiny bunch of coral colored roses left over from the week before.  I mixed them in with alstroemerias that had really seen better days, but nestled in this antique French preserving jar they still look quite beautiful and bright!  This is a good trick to employ if you only have just a few small flowers left, inside a bookcase or armoire they look like more.


Antique armoire with French pottery


Sunflowers can last quite a long time in a vase or pottery container.  Just be sure to change out the water often, and/or cut the stems a little.  When they are bloomed out or looking brown and frazzeled?  I pluck off the yellow petals, and use the brown centers in fall arrangements! I love how that looks, if you have never tried it, I encourage you to try it!


An Easy Sunflower Arrangement


The epitome of summer,  here’s how to get the most out of these gorgeous large blooms.


An Easy Sunflower Arrangement



  1. Try to buy sunflowers that are still a bit closed – they’ll last longer.
  2.  If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves when handling their furry stems, they can be irritating.
  3.  Cut each stem in a 45-degree angle with sharp shears under running water.
  4. Pull out any wilting leaves.
  5. Place each newly cut stem in a bucket of water mixed with a flower preservative.


Sunflowers look great all by themselves, or mixed in with other flowers! Go out and get some today, because this is the time that they are at their freshest, most beautiful and best.


Design an easy sunflower arrangment


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An Easy Sunflower Arrangement

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