I’m wishing you the happiest New Year, dear flower loving friends! For this Monday Morning Blooms, let’s look at a round up of seasonal centerpiece inspiration and DIY floral arrangements from the past year. A Year Filled with Flowers is a look back at our beloved flower therapy, with tips to help you create affordable flower arrangements with locally bought inexpensive flowers or flowers from your own gardens. A year filled with the beauty and magic of flowers!

a year filled with flowers

Thank you for all your visits and sweet comments this past year, and for joining me today. I hope that our monthly flowers give you joy and inspiration in the coming year to create your own beautiful arrangements with flowers you buy, or cut from your garden. Get ready for a flower-filled heavy post! Just the thing with a winter’s cup of tea or coffee.

At the bottom of this post you will find Pam and Mary’s links to visit them too.



Let’s take a look back at our past year with flowers, with highlights of each month. You can click on the links if you want to read the full post and see all the photos.


It’s a scientifically proven fact: flowers boost your mood, improve your mental health and make you happy!  I know I’ve certainly seen the power of flowers here at FrenchGardenHouse. The living room just doesn’t seem complete without flowers.

A Year Filled with Flowers
Blue Flowers Pansy
A Blue Monday Morning Blooms

For all of us who adore blue, blue flowers bring a touch of calm and beauty to the month of January.  I think the power of flowers is sometimes greatly underestimated.  It only takes one small flower to bring joy to our hearts. Since my Mr. FGH was in the hospital getting a kidney stone removed last January, my little blue flowers were just that – little!  But they still added some beauty and cheer.



Love’s in Bloom in honor of Valentine’s Day with this romantic pink flower arrangement of pink roses, alstroemeria and tulips.  Pull out all the stops for a swoon-worthy dessert table set with antique lace, silver, porcelains and pink roses. Because if there ever was a holiday to set a romantic table, Valentine’s Day is it, right?!  This little dessert table has delicious sweet treats as well as a silver tea set for a lovely way to enjoy dessert after a home cooked meal for Love’s Own Day!

Valentine's Day Tea Table

Love in Bloom Flowers

A Year Filled with FlowersIncredible Antique Needle Lace Tablecloth | Sterling and Crystal Sugar & Cream Lady’s Set

Love in Bloom & Flowers

Create a cheerful French Country citrus flower arrangement in a watering can. It’s the perfect way to bring a juicy light burst of color to your early spring dreaming! Taking all the color cues from sunshine in the garden, fresh air, and bright oranges and lemons. Arrange bright blooms in a watering can for a hint of what spring will be!  This easy citrus flower arrangement isn’t difficult to create and packs a big design punch. Flowers, lemons, oranges and a watering can is all you need!

French Country Citrus Flowers

A Year Filled with FlowersLinen Napkins with Green Royal Crest | Vintage Brass Garden Hose Nozzles | Hotel Silver Forks

French Country Citrus Flowers



Green is the color of renewal, spring, growth and life. Create a little area at home to showcase some of that early spring green! I designed a little seasonal corner in our living room with a flower arrangement with the most delightful green and white ornamental cabbages, white and green alstroemerias and white hydrangeas. This was happily the same time our French lavender wands arrived, so a few popped into antique glass vases together with a small rabbit eager for those cabbages made a charming scene.

green with envy flowers
A Year Filled with Flowers

Green with Envy Flowers

Celebrate a Baby Baptism or “Sprinkle” in style. On this occasion, pastel colored flowers, pictures of grandparents and great-grandparents as babies in frames, and antique silver christening cups on an antique platter to drink champagne out of set the tone. The French paper favor cones are ready to be filled with white candy covered almonds and closed to be given to each guest. Celebrating babies is always a good thing!

Baby Baptism Flower Arrangement
A Year filled with FlowersSilver Baby Cup Bird | M Silver Baby Cup | French Baptism Cone | 1820’s Leedsware Platter

Baby Baptism Flower Arrangement



Design your own Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece and everybunny will be ooohing and aaahing! Easy to make, I’ll show you how by clicking on the link for the full post.

Spring bunny flower arrangementHuge Antique Garden Trug Original Paint

Blooming Easter Garden Basket Centerpiece

To celebrate that 2022 was the “Year of the Lilac,” according to the National Gardening Bureau, and our new kitchen island, this Pitcher Perfect Lilacs & Roses in an antique pitcher brought beauty and a gorgeous infusion of spring flowers. Oh, who doesn’t adore lilacs? Added to stunning soft pink roses, this is probably my favorite floral arrangement of the year.

Pitcher Perfect Lilacs & Roses
lilacs and roses

French kitchen island with stools

Pitcher Perfect Lilacs and Roses



This floral design is sensational for a Mother’s Day celebration, big or small. The table setting – with my Dutch Mom’s favorite light blue and gold colors – inspired the choice of soft pink garden roses and peony tulips. Layered with greens from the garden and soft white alstroemeria the color palette is perfect for a lush floral arrangement.  This is so easy – I’ll show you How You Can Arrange Flowers in a Compote Bowl.

New Dawn and HIromi Roses

Arrange Flowers in a Compote Bowl

Arrange Flowers in a Compote BowlChambray Ruffled Placemat | Linen Bee and Laurel Wreath Embroidered Napkin | Custom Order Gold and Glass Plate


We also created flower beauty in a watering can this month. Flower care and vase/container care go hand-in-hand to keep your beautiful flowers last longer. Cleaning a vase or container is especially important when you are using an untraditional container. Keep your flowers lively and more lush with these tricks: How to Make Your Flowers Last.

antique small watering canAntique Copper Watering Can | Antique French Country Blue Caddy



Transport yourself instantly to France with a summer Provençal Picnic. It can be in the countryside, or your back garden. Read the full post for all the inspiration!  {This is also where we transitioned to once a month Monday Morning Blooms.}

A Provençal Picnic

picnic flowers

A Provençal Picnic



Celebrating the Red, White and Blue this month. We’re embracing all the summer time vibes here at FrenchGardenHouse, with lots of family and friends over to visit and the enjoy the beach, the garden, and the great weather.  This table setting is one that I can easily pull together for repeat {Bastille Day is July 14th!} using mix and match antique pieces and different linens. {you can too!}

a year filled with flowers
Blue and White Antique Pottery


Celebrating the Red, White & Blue



An beautiful and easy idea to dress up your front door {or any door} this summer, learn how to create a door basket for summer appeal. A hanging door basket is a great alternative to a wreath and only takes a few minutes to put together.  You can fill yours with annual plants, faux flowers, or real flowers- learn how by clicking on the link to the full post.

door basket french country style
French garden design

Create A door Basket for Summer



Sunflowers are a wonderful flower to transition from summer to fall, their sunny yellow rays and warm brown centers can instantly lift anyone’s spirits. Cheerful and happy, they are instant mood adjusters, aren’t they?  Teamed up with antique flow blue, what could make for a prettier table setting for a friendship luncheon? I particularly love the linen napkins in that rich color and use them pretty much all year through!

Flow Blue & Sunflowers

Flow Blue & Sunflowers

Flow Blue and Sunflowers



It’s that time of the year that you’re breaking out the fancy flatware, cleaning up your harvest colored drinking glasses and adding a few antiques to bring flair and personality to dress up your table. This fun, non-traditional Chinoiserie Harvest Table Setting brings all the beauty of the season in a fresh new way. I over achieved and made two different floral centerpieces for this table since I fell in love with too many blooms at the store!

Chinoiserie Harvest Tablesetting

Chinoiserie dishes

Chinoiserie Harvest Table Setting


Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most special meals of the year, and it’s only fitting to serve it on a special table. This one leans towards French Country, and is beautiful and easy!

fall centerpiece

French Country Line Runner

Warm Thanksgiving Table in Autumn Colors



We’re Dreaming of a White Christmas Table this month! Set with white and gleaming gold, this table is a reflection of a sparkling and wintery Christmas time. The world sparkles at Christmas time, doesn’t it? It seems brighter and lighter, with all the twinkling lights and glow of candles. As a little girl in Europe I loved nothing better than seeing all those lights, especially reflected on our snowy streets. With those memories in mind, I decorated My Dreaming of a White Christmas Table with white, gold and a pop of opaline turquoise.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

French Christmas table settingExceptional Pickard Gold Plates | Antique Opaline Blue Vase | Antique French Opaline Fleur de Lis Salt Cellar

Dreaming of a White Christmas Table


I hope you have enjoyed this special Monday Morning Blooms reflection of our blooms past.  We are thrilled to welcome you the first Monday of each month in 2023 to share our floral therapy with all of you!

Bonne Année dear friends!

Be sure to visit Pam and Mary for their year’s stunning floral arrangements! See you there by clicking on the links.


a year filled with flowers
Pam at Everyday Living

a year filled with flowers
Mary at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs

a year filled with flowers
and me,Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse




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