”Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire:  it is the time for home.” –  Edith Sitwell


Thrilled to have my article published in the beautiful Celebrating Everyday Life Magazine, I hope you will be inspired to relish winter with a small gathering of friends this January!  {ps. This is such a beautiful, inspirational magazine. Order it online at Country, if you still can!}



The serenity of January is a welcome respite after the dizzying pace of the holidays. After all the holiday decorations are put away, it’s time to nestle into the quiet month of January.  During the slower pace of this first month of the year, making time to delight in the company of good friends is a priceless luxury.


Celebrating the quiet beauty of January with a winter luncheon for just a few intimate friends will allow you to catch up with the latest in each other’s lives.



Creating an elegant soiree at home is easier than you might imagine.  Set in the kitchen, or dining room if you have one, let the whites and creams of the winter garden covered in a blanket of snow inspire you, along with the fresh, bright greens in gardens in the more southernly climates.



A small gathering like this is a wonderful time to let your personality shine in the way you set your table. Use your table as your stage to express yourself, displaying things you love, pieces that you inherited or picked up in your travels. Mix your antiques with contemporary pieces; your table should be fun, interesting and even a little bit quirky!



Blanket your table in an antique cloth, such as this hand-woven French sheet, which brings a beautiful nubby texture to the table. The rough linen cloth makes the antique silver and dishes stand out.


Festive occasions are the perfect opportunity to use your most cherished heirloom china. For this table, antique Limoges plates with a hand painted fern design are layered over simple creamware plates.




To bring the garden indoors during this dark month, a garden planter is filled with lacey ferns and white potted flowers from the nursery as a centerpiece.  A larger maidenhair fern nestled inside an antique French tureen and two large antique green glass apothecary jars filled with green hydrangeas all add to the lush garden feel.



Attention to small details all add up to creating a table setting your guests will love. Small printed place cards with each guest’s name in fern green will make each of your friends feel special.


Printing out a menu gives hints of what your guests can expect to enjoy at your table.  Each one of these can easily be printed on your own computer.



Your menu can be quite simple, an appetizer, and a salad with chicken or shrimp is really all you need in this month when everyone seems to want to eat less.




A selection of patisserie desserts presented in a beautiful way is the perfect ending to your meal.



Creating a beautiful table using things you love is one of the best ways to express yourself at home.




Beauty for the sake of beauty will add pleasure and meaning to your every days and special days, and sharing those moments with people you love adds up to making cherished memories.



“Nature has undoubtedly mastered the art of winter gardening and even the most experienced gardener can learn from the unrestrained beauty around them.”

–  Vincent A. Simeone



Antique French Monogram Napkins| Glass Fern Etched Compote | MOP Antique Flatware Set | Thumbprint Glass Rose Basket | Silver Fern Service Spoon

Here’s to a Happy January & Happy friendships!

Do you do something special for yourself {or your friends} in January to jumpstart the year with a wonderful time?


  1. Oh, am I invited? I hope so! What an absolutely stunning table you’ve set! And your selection of desserts makes my mouth water! It all makes me long for Spring.
    Happy New Year, Lidy

  2. Awww what a blessing in the mist of a cold month with a beautiful table and friends I love your info and tips Thank you

  3. And such a most exquisite table to be featured!!!!….It is truly an honor to be a guest in your most beautiful home and what a bonus to be able to sit at a most elegant table with the utmost beautiful details. What a way to honor your guests! …. You are the ultimate hostess!

  4. Thanks so much Shirley. This table and article were such a joy to do, it wrote itself! Happy January to all of us.

  5. Always look forward to your posts . You want to savor every picture , comment .
    Have you any plans to write a book ?
    Thank you , I love it all

  6. Thank you so much Chris, you made my day! No plans for a book, I’m not sure I have enough to write about. 😉

  7. Such a beautiful table, with exquisite details. I so love the ferns in the centerpiece and on the table, I believe we often forget about using them and they truly can be the star of arrangements. And, you are correct that the lunch can be simple – it becomes extravagant by way of a lovely table and company of dear friends and family. Thank you for such beauty and inspiration.

  8. A fabulous idea Lidy, and your table setting is perfect! I’m definitely going to plan this! Love that maidenhair fern! I kill them so quickly!

  9. Ginger, I hope that you do, it’s so fun and if you don’t make it too work driven (menu) so easy too! There is always lots to talk about after the holidays, too. The secret to maidenhair ferns is make sure they never get dry, and daily misting. I can keep mine for quite some time, even here in California. But when they totally shrivel up, if you cut them to right by the soil and water, they come back!

  10. Thank you Jackie, it’s always a good idea to have something to look forward to in January!

  11. Your table is lovely and so pretty! What a good idea to bring friends together…not just during December.
    I’think I’ll try taking the time to host a friends luncheon at the end of the month or early February. =)

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your table setting. It is SO fresh and pretty. Maiden hair ferns are the best. It is awesome to see you using them this way. I”m definitely inspired and will keep this post forever. Thanks!

  13. Edith Sitwell said it perfectly, January is for being home, that time between packing all the Christmas ornaments away and relaxing. I love your table. The greenery against the white table cloth is so beautiful. I had my neighbors over for New Years day brunch. As my one neighbor said in a thank you note to me “What a great way to start 2018”. I see more napkins in my future if no one buys them for Valentines. It would be great to have four for dining and four to have to decorate the table with. My friends can’t believe I alway set the table with napkins they have not yet seen. I love looking at your items for sell. I had my late departed brothers tea pots. I thought they might be hotel or from a train dining room. You verified that for me and added a value also. I definitely have to get my polish out so they will hopefully look as beautiful as yours. I was so temped to buy another one but I have two. It is getting harder and harder to justify all my purchases to my husband. But he buys antique cameras so it will be a long time before I catch up to him. I look forward to your posts in 2018. All our love from Raleigh

  14. Gloria, how wonderful that you celebrated the new year with a brunch. Love that you adore entertaining and setting a beautiful table as much as I do. From the selection of napkins you’ve bought from me, I know you must have an extensive and beautiful collection! Happy New Year to you! xo

  15. I love this idea. Being surrounded by those you truly love is always a gift and something treasured. January seems to be a lonely month for some and this would be a fabulous tradition to start with friends especially after the busy holidays. Your tablescaping design is delightful and so very cheery!

    Thank you Lidy for such a wonderful inspiration!

  16. Thank you so much, Robin. You are right, January can seem lonely, and something like this to look forward to is such a blessing!

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