Besides your tree, your fireplace mantel is the most important visual focal point in your holiday décor.  A warming fire makes every holiday seems more special. And…let’s not forget that it’s also where Santa makes his magical entrance. {fire, out, of course.}

I love decorating with fresh greens and garland during the Christmas season. Real greens are festive, and then there is that smell! It brings you back to the holidays of your childhood, instantly!



I jumped at the chance to bring this fresh green holiday beauty into our FrenchGardenHouse. Today I’m partnering with Lynch Creek Farm, a real family business in Washington. Their products are just gorgeous, and it is such a blessing to be able to share them with you.  Not only did they send us some beautiful garland, they sent over the most charming centerpiece, too…you’ll see that near the bottom of the post.

And it’s always a joy to get together with my designer friends and peek into each other’s homes for the holidays! Thanks for coming along.


The Lynch Creek family business began as a hobby farm growing organic vegetables, and selling the produce at a local farmer’s market, in 1980.  Over the years, the Lynch Creek Farm business evolved to selling real Christmas wreaths and garlands online. All their products are handmade on site and shipped out each Christmas to families all over the country to use and enjoy.  They have beautiful products, so when they asked if I would be interested in using some of their products here at home, and hosting a giveaway for one lucky reader, I said YES!

{Another wonderful thing, they offer free shipping, so you can shop at home and have these beautiful wreaths and garlands shipped directly to your house.}

So let’s look at this easy super French Country Mantel:




The base layer of every mantel display, holiday greens will fill your mantel with instant holiday cheer.  This year, I used the Deluxe Port Orford Garland from Lynch Creek Farm. It is so full and lush, and the smell when I opened the box was incredible! Like being back in my family’s forest in Europe!

I added loose clippings from our front garden’s Olive tree to add a little more texture and a introduce another color. And as a nod to the French Country look I want.



Don’t forget this great TIP: To secure your garland, remember to tap small nails on the right and left side of your mantel. Or, if your mantel is a precious antique, you can put down a wooden board first, perhaps painted the same color as your mantel, so you don’t have to hammer nails in the mantel itself.  That way you can twist thin florist wire around the garland, and tie it to the nails so the garland doesn’t fall down.



HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR GARLAND: Location, climate, and placement are all primary factors in how long your garland will last. If you place your garland outside, it will most likely last longer because it’s receiving oxygen, unless you live in a warm climate like I do.


Spray your garland every few days with water to keep the plant material moist and healthy. The best time to spray your garland is in the morning, evening, or any time the evergreens are not experiencing direct sunlight.




Or two. Every mantel needs a little touch of drama, so be creative with your focal point.  For this simple French Country mantel, I really wanted to keep things green, to show off the lush, beautiful green garland, so I chose topiaries in black French urns.  A pair is a classic look, it always looks orderly and elegant.




I confess, I am always a bigger fan of fruit and other natural materials than shiny bright baubles.  A country style mantel uses country elements, so what is better than those luscious bright green pears from the farmer’s market, you know, the ones with a hint of rosy red?



Our home looks peaceful and filled with joy! Which is the exactly the  look I’m always striving for.

Now let’s go to the family room kitchen area of our home. Wait until you see the beautiful centerpiece Lynch Creek Farm sent me!



I chose the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece.  Named in honor of their founding family, the Hunters, this centerpiece is so heartwarming and charming.

It’s exactly like the kind of centerpiece we had growing up in Europe. Early in December, we would go to our family forest to gather evergreen branches, twigs, pinecones, moss and berries and make a centerpiece at home.

Sometimes we added a candle, sometimes we didn’t….but the centerpiece was always a joy to our family especially since we made it together.



That’s exactly what the Hunter’s Hollow Centerpiece is inspired by, that love for the outdoors and family. Fragrant evergreens, moss, pinecones, twigs, and faux berries all make the perfect perch for the mama bird and her nest. I love the container too, it’s tin wrapped in real birch bark.



A centerpiece like this will last quite some time, especially if you water it with about 1/2 cup of water when it arrives, and then mist it with water daily.  Water every 2-3 days like you would flowers.

{there is floral foam inside.}


I am so thankful to Lynch Creek Farm for sending me their gorgeous fresh products to use in our FrenchGardenHouse this year!  The “I love fresh green garlands, wreaths and centerpieces – they bring holiday to every home” thoughts are entirely my own. Who doesn’t adore fresh greens?!




Lynch Creek Farm is allowing me to share the fun with all of you by offering my French GardenHouse blog readers a chance to win one of their truly amazing fresh wreaths or a centerpiece of the winner’s choice.

All you have to do for a chance to win a wreath or a centerpiece is visit Lynch Creek Farm and come back and tell me in a comment what item {wreath or centerpiece} you would love to win. {Sorry, this giveaway is limited to residents of the Continental U.S. and Canada.}  The deadline is midnight, Sunday, December 3rd.  Good luck!!  CONGRATULATIONS to Dorothy of Quebec, CA, the winner of the Owl Be Home Wreath she choose. The give away is now over….thank you so much to all who participated!


AND you have more chances to win. Each of my friends is giving away a wreath or centerpiece, so just by visiting my other 5 friends on the tour and leaving a comment there too, you will be entered 6 times!




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Thank you for joining me today! I’m sprinkling more Christmas decor throughout our FrenchGardenHouse, and will be sharing more home decor inspiration, table settings and our Holiday Entertaining Series.

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I hope I’ve gotten you excited for decorating your home! Let’s get the Holidays started!




  1. Your post is lovely, as is your beautiful home, so inspiring. The Wildlife centerpiece would look perfect on my dining room table! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  2. Your photos are so beautiful! I would love to win the Snowberry Glow centerpiece! Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. I want the Mr. Snowy centerpiece. My kids would love the cute little snowman it has.

  4. I love your French country mantel and you and I chose the same centerpiece. Great minds think alike! Looking forward to more of your Christmas decor!

  5. Thanks so much, Kim! The garland is so fragrant and was so easy to work with. It’s a joy to decorate with all the Lynch Creek Farm products!

  6. Wish we had a fireplace.
    Adore what you did with yours,it give me ideas for my sidetable.

  7. Thank you Anja. Before we had a fireplace, I used to decorate the middle shelf in our bookshelves as a mantel! {the children did need a place to hang their stockings!}

  8. Thanks for the tip about the board on the mantle with the small nail to secure the garland, like the added lemons too. Your home is lovely. I would choose the Wildlife centerpiece and Wildlife wreath. Thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh my your home is lovely and I imagine it smells wonderful! I visited Lynch Creek Farms and as have said it is so hard to pick all is beautiful but I did pick the Country Sleigh and the Country wreath

  10. Oops, sorry, took a closer look and not lemons, but pears! Also really like the chickadee centerpiece and real wood base. It was a hard decision between it and the Wildlife. Thanks again.

  11. Anja, when I didn’t have a fireplace I decorated a bookshelf like a mantel. The fresh greens look beautiful no matter where you place them don’t they? And a sweet centerpiece fills the house with Christmas joy and smells great too. Happy decorating!

  12. Lidy, your mantel looks just beautiful adorned with the fresh greens. I’m sure it must smell amazing! Thanks for the wonderful decorating tips. I always love reading your posts. I visited the site, and I adore the Southern Charm Centerpiece.

  13. Oh how so very beautiful Lidy!….You know just how to adorn your home with such perfection with that gorgeous French Country look. Thanks for all of the tips as always. Love the centerpiece too…looks so wonderful in your kitchen. Love Lynch Creek Farm…their products are truly amazing!

  14. Shirley, thank you so much. All that is missing is seeing YOU in front of the fire with me for the holidays.

  15. Oh, I love the Lime Light centerpiece, but they are all lovely. I actually had never heard of Lynch Creek Farms before and I have no idea why. Everything looks so pretty, yet affordable!

  16. Oh so hard to choose, but, obviously ANY of them would be fabulous! My choice is the Blended Bay. I love herbs and I think the addition of bay to the traditional Christmas evergreens would be awesome!
    Your home is lovely and elegantly country.
    🙂 gwingal

  17. Pam, the garland and the centerpiece I got from them are so beautiful! They ship right to your door, and everything is so amazingly lovely and fresh. Our whole house smells like Christmas!

  18. Thank you for offering a give away from this fabulous company. The Traditional wreath is the one I chose but love all of them and would be tickled pink to receive any of them.

  19. Lidy all of the wreaths and centrepieces are beautiful. I would love to win the Owl be Home wreath. Hoping my son will be home for Christmas. Thank you for including Canadian readers in the draw, often we are not able to participate.

  20. Absolutely beautiful!
    So happy to have “found” you in the fb group! I will be following! Fantastic and practical tips!

  21. I just love your decorating, French Country style! BEAUTIFUL! Love the Two Turtle Doves wreath!

  22. Such beautiful wreaths and centerpieces! Loving the Two Turtle Doves wreath to go with my 12 Days of Christmas theme.

  23. Love the Glacier Bay wreath! Thanks for the chance to win. Just discovered your lovely blog. Blessings!!

  24. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for all the inspiration! I choose Hunters Hollow centerpiece.

  25. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway! I would choose the Two Turtle Doves wreath.


  26. I love the WILDLIFE ADVENTURE WREATH! I love the smell of fresh greenery
    It will go beautifully with my Lenox “Holiday Greeting” dinnerware which has the different birds. Thank you for this offer and to Lynch Creek Farms!!

  27. I have just found your site and I am enjoying every post. I would love to win the Hunter centerpiece for my glass dining table. Happy Holidays and Thank You

  28. Your mantel is beautiful! I get so much inspiration from your posts! I love the Three Cedars Wreath. It is simple, traditional and elegant!

  29. I love the look of your mantel. Very French Country but also very Southern California which is where I live too. I would love the Sandals and Seashell wreath if chosen. Thank you and Lynch Creek Farms.

  30. Your home looks BEAUTIFUL! I am totally crushing on that figure near your fireplace. As for the giveaway (and thank you for that, by the way), I absolutely must have that Wildlife Centerpiece!!!

  31. Lidy everything is gorgeous as always in your home. Lots of inspiration in this post. I would love to win the blended bay wreath for the outside of my home on my trellis I made from antique iron fencing. Merry Christmas.

  32. Love your decorations – gorgeous! I love the Christmas by the Bay centerpiece! Beautiful – all of it! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  33. Your mantel looks wonderful and probably smells so good! I love the Hunter’s Hollow or the Wildlife centerpiece. Love birds on both of them.

  34. I love your tips and “how to’s”. The Majestic Magnolia wreath and Southern Charm centerpiece are so pretty.

  35. Hi Lidy – oh my, you have decorated your home with such lovely greens. I sure enjoyed drooling on my keyboard at all the wonderful items Lynch Creek Farms has on their website. I am hard-pressed for a favorite, but, like you – I am REALLY loving the Hunters’ Hollow centerpiece. I adore birds so much as decor in my home (Finch Rest) so it seems fitting to gravitate ? to that beautiful item!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home, and thank you for the opportunity to win winter loveliness from LCF!!!

    Have a blessed Advent and winter Season!

  36. Wow,they are all gorgeous,I love the smell,feel and textures of fresh greens….Being from the South ,my choice would be Majestic Magnolia. Your home looks amazing….great job…

  37. This is such a timely post for me, Lidy. I’m trying to decide how to arrange my mantel this year. By theme? Color? Texture? All? Ha! I’ve used fruit before, and your ideas has sort of sparked that again. So pretty. And the greenery is perfect. You are one talented lady!

    Your table looks fabulous! I did pay a visit to Lynch Creek-I had never heard of them before. I have a small table, so if I were to pick a favorite, it would be the Birch and Burlap centerpiece. The perfect size, and round, like my table. I love the rustic look.

    Off to look at more mantel ideas! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!


  38. Your mantel and table are beautiful with those beautiful pieces from Lynch Creek. I would definitely choose the Two Turtle Doves Wreath! It is just perfect for our little Craftsman house.

  39. Your HOME looks lovely. Thank you for the great giveaway. I’d pick the Home Sweet Home or the Winter Sled

  40. Ooo la la. Love your Christmas decorations! I love the Snow Berry Glow centerpiece as well.

  41. My favourite would be the Hunter’s Hollow, which I believe is the one they sent to you. The dear little bird and nest!

  42. Just beautiful! So lush and elegant! The Turtle Doves wreath is my favourite, but they are all gorgeous!

  43. Merry Christmas, Lidy! How lucky you are to have the beautiful olive stems to mix in–just gorgeous! I love the Bronze Brilliance centerpiece.

  44. Everything looks beautiful. I would love the wildlife centerpiece. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Hello Lidy; Thank-You so much for the chance to win such a Stunning Centerpiece. I am in Love with the Wildlife Centerpiece. The Cardinals are so Lovely. I enjoy feeding and watching the ones that live in my yard.

  46. Oh Lidy, their wreaths and centerpieces are to die for. They’re all so beautiful, it’s hard to choose just one. I love sleighs, so I choose “Country Sleigh” centerpiece. Thanks for having this contest. Hope I win.

  47. Everything is magazine-worthy Lidy! All that lush greenery from the beautiful garland to the wreath, topiaries, and beautiful maidenhair fern. I was tempted by Hunter’s Hollow Centerpiece too with its wonderful birch bark container and sweet chickadee. It’s a pleasure blog hopping with you today.

  48. What a great source for fresh greenery. I’d love to use any of their products in my holiday decorations, but the Magnolia Wreaths are calling my name.

  49. Oh, I’ll bet that garland smells fantastic…it looks great. I reallly like the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece. Thanks for the opportunity! 😉

  50. Just LOVE “Platinum Blue with Lights” centerpiece! I’m changing our Christmas theme to this blue & silver this year & it would look great on our dining room table!

  51. What a fun thing to start the holidays. I would love to have the Woodland Lodge Wreath on my front door.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  52. Beautifully done! Love all the mix of textures and I bet it smells wonderful! There are so many amazing choices at Lynch Creek Farm–I want them all! Ha! I would love to win the “tis the season” wreath it would coordinate perfectly with my holiday decor this year.

  53. The Cascade Centerpiece will make a beautiful table. Lynn Creek Farm and your blog, Lidy, are treasured finds. Thank you for sharing. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you both.

  54. I love the Hunters Hollow centerpiece! (My choice, too) thank you for sharing your tips on making a focal point for the mantel and your dining room arrangement. Both, so gorgeous! Look forward to seeing more.

  55. Simply gorgeous…The bronze magnolia wreath is my favorite. I can smell that fresh scent now. Thank you!

  56. Beautiful post..trying to choose a centerpiece and wreath proved very difficult but my voices are the Wildlife centerpiece and the Red Elegance wreath..thank you Lynch Creek and good luck to all!!

  57. Beautiful! The pears are a nice touch. I love Two Turtle Doves. Perfect for my cottage by the sea…Thanks for the chance and Happy Holidays!

  58. As always Lidy, your home is beautifully decorated and I so appreciate all your tips. I like the Tartan Centerpiece. Tartan is making a comeback, but I’ve always liked it so this would be perfect for our table this year.

  59. Thank you Cassandra! You are right, tartan IS making a comeback, isn’t it? Although for me, it never went away, tartan is always such a classic, timeless design. Happy decorating Cassandra!

  60. Thank you for the tip on attaching the garland to the mantle. I think I might use little brass hooks, since I’m always putting something up there year round.
    I like your choice of the natural centrepiece.
    My Christmas begins as soon as those greens come into the house, and like you, I love the look of fruit over shiny baubles.
    I just organized a birthday party where I used greens on a burlap and lace table runner and pomegranates, pears and apples scattered down the table. Simple is best. Greetings from Canada

  61. Wow what a gorgeous mantel! I love that blue wooden statue! A very magical vibe you have created in your home! I would love to win the Hunter Hollow centerpiece! Thanks Maria

  62. Of course I would like to win the nautical centerpiece for my house on Galveston Bay.

  63. Such a hard choice! I especially love the Majestic Magnolia. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  64. Love the Hunters Hollow centerpiece it’s so beautiful the rustic look is for me.

  65. Wow , do they have lovely greens !
    I think the “Georgia Pail” is adorable .
    Thanks for running this event .

  66. I love the Winter Radiance wreath it’s beautiful. I am getting my new puppy on December 7th so I have a feeling all of my decorations will be up high this year.

  67. Such stunning photos. I really enjoyed reading this post! Everything on Lynch Creek Farm’s site is beautiful, but the Birch and Burlap centerpiece is calling my name. Thanks for hosting a fabulous giveaway! C

  68. I, too, love the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece. I love anything birds!!! Ha! Your garland is gorgeous — thanks for the hints on how to care for a garland of this type. Thanks for the intro to Lynch Creek.

  69. Your home is so lovely, and I enjoy your blog so much. I would choose the Burgundy Elegance wreath.

  70. I love French Country and I love gardening…your house is like a garden in a French Country Chateau….the best of both worlds. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and inspirations with us. I would love the Burgundy Deluxe wreath for my front door….but let me tell you it was hard to choose. Merry Christmas everyone!

  71. You know I am so crazy about your beautiful home & the magic it exudes…especially at Christmas. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to win a beautiful wreath. I adore the blended bay wreath. It just speaks Pacific Northwest, where I live. Wishing you a blessed holiday season.

  72. Love, Love , Love your mantle! It inspires me to add greenery to my Christmas Mantle, which is where I always place my Neapolitan Nativity figures which I purchased while we lived in Naples , Italy while my husband served in the US Navy.
    I think all the wreaths and centerpieces are gorgeous. I would be happy with any of them, but I would love either the Bronze Magnolia or the Majestic Magnolia because they remind me of the Christmas decorations of my youth.

  73. Oh so festive and I bet it smells fabulous in your home. Love the use of the greenery and centerpieces throughout the home. I particularly love the ones with the chickadee in them. I’m really drawn to the Noble Nest centerpiece as I love feeding our birds and the beauty of nature. I would love to have a couple of the Elegant Evergreen Baskets and would add some birds to it.

  74. Your mantle is just lovely draped in that spectacular garland. I love the addition of the pears. I also love your table Centerpiece the Hunters Hollow. I have facilitated between several centerpieces from Lynch Creek Farm, but the Hunters Hollow has to be a favorite. I would love to win. Happy Holidays, MM

  75. Everything on their site is beautiful. But I especially liked the holly wreaths, and would be thrilled to receive any of the three offered. But if I must narrow it down, the Mixed Holly Wreath would be my choice. Fingers crossed!

  76. It was a really hard choice because there was many I would of chosen if we weren’t remodeling AGAIN, so I don’t think I’m doing full on Christmas decorating this year, but everyone needs a wreath and I love the 32″ Blue Deluxe Wreath for our kitchen door that everyone uses anyway, what’s the saying “Back Door Guest Are Best”. Merry Christmas my sweet friend, I hope you know what an inspiration you are to me, have the best holiday!!

  77. Exquisite..each and every table top and wreath…
    I’m gifting is I’m lucky to win..and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite if it was my choice.
    I do like lime light, your pick because of the birch wrapped vessel..out of stock silver white wreath..and the charming bronze lantern wreath…reminds me of grandmas on the farm as a sweet token of my childhood..
    Thank you.

  78. Love the Birch’n’Burlap centerpiece. Your home is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays

  79. Oh my! Your decorations are fabulous! I like the Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece as well.

  80. The Hunter’s Hollow centerpiece and the Vintage Glow with the little red lantern are both so charming.

  81. Love how you added the extra olive sprigs and pears to that beautiful cedar garland, I especially love cedar because we used it a lot in England and now now I love using it in my home here in the US. The three cedars wreath or that lovely cedar garland would be my picks from Lynch Creek.

  82. I like about 12 of the wreaths and centerpieces as well as all the garlands! ? If I had to choose, I guess it would be the Tis the Season wreath.

  83. Your mantel is beautiful. I would choose the Wildlife Centerpiece. Thanks for chance to win.

  84. A person could spend a loooooooooog time on that website! However, as soon as I saw the Christmas by the Bay – with Chimney centerpiece I knew what I would wish for.
    Thanks to you and Lynch Creek Farm for the giveaway.

  85. Your home is beautiful with all the fresh greenery from Lynch Creek Farms!!! Rats, I missed the giveaway but shared many of their beautiful decorations on my Holidays and New Product Trends boards on Pinterest for you all. <3 Happy Christmas time!

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