8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table


8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table



If hosting Thanksgiving and pulling together a stunning table makes you feel overwhelmed, these 8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table will help you host in beautiful style. These tips can help you set almost any table but since Thanksgiving is just around the corner they are perfect for right now.


While many of us may not be celebrating with as many people as we usually do, let’s set a beautiful Thanksgiving table for the ones we love who are with us!





8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table


8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table




From your emails, I know most of you have the food side covered, but some of you struggle with the table setting side. Or you’re so intimidated to entertain that you just never do. Which is a shame, so I thought I’d share some tips and tricks that help me.


Let’s make this a beautiful, fun Thanksgiving for our family!






A designer secret for setting a beautiful table is to begin with a color scheme. Choose two to three main colors and your table will be visually attractive. Choosing a color scheme also helps tie different things, such as various different dishes, together in a successful way.



I layered antique French plates for each place setting that have a beautiful floral edge with little violet plum flowers.  That decided the color scheme, the rich jewel tones of autumn with gold.




8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table



For my table, I wanted to use these gorgeous Arte Italica Glass Vetro plates and glassware.  I fell in love with them for so many reasons, they are of exceptional quality, hand made, and they look astounding with all our antique French porcelain dinner services!!  We’re thrilled to be able to offer this exquisite line of dinner ware and glassware at FrenchGardenHouse. {there is a link to them at the bottom of this post for you.}







Some of you might be in love with the ease of paper plates and napkins, I know. Even for holidays. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. However, setting your table with your wedding china, or plates that you inherited from your grandmama does elevate your dinner to a special occasion!




Antique French porcelain



Use the good dishes, you will never be sorry that you did. Especially during this challenging year, I’ve been reminded time and time again that we need to make the best of the days, weeks, months and years that we have.






Not only does mixing up your tableware stretch everything to fit a larger group, I think it’s also a fresh, new way to showcase your dinnerware.  The whole idea of setting a pretty table is to make it a fun experience for your guests!



8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table


For this table I used these gorgeous new glass and gold dishes from Arte Italica that I fell in love with.  In between the larger dinner plate is an antique French porcelain plate with a monogram, and the most beautiful violet colored floral border.






Repeat elements, colors, and textures.  It’s another secret that makes for a fabulous table.




8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table



Little antique champagne coupes hold small votives on this table, they’re scattered here and there. Repeating elements and colors all over ties everything together.







I love to use place cards! Place cards make everyone feel special, because they know you’ve pictured them sitting at your table. It’s a personal invitation to your table.




gold table setting for fall




It also saves your guests from wondering where they should sit. I’ve found that even my little people like a place card, they can see exactly where they will be, and who is sitting next to them!






No, I’m not talking about animals. : )  Every table comes to life with flowers, or greenery beautifully arranged. If you are not confident at flower arranging, even one single branch or flower in a small vase or bottle, in multiples, will make for a stunning centerpiece.



8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table




I love using real fruit as part of the table setting. Either on each plate, or scattered on the table.  Not just pretty to look at, if for some reason one or more of your guests wants to opt out of dessert, they can eat a pear or some grapes. The centerpiece has flowers arranged in an antique French tureen, and i layered dried eucalyptus branches down the center for more natural elements.







Give a nod to the season by using flowers, fruits and/or vegetables that are in season. {it’s a variation of no. 6, but can also mean using faux fruit, pumpkins etc.}



For my table, I opted not to use pumpkins, just the glorious deep colors of autumn, and ripe pears that have a golden glow. If you look closely, you can see that there are grapes in the flower arrangement, too.



Arte Italica Vetro gold








This is actually such a stress saver, it will make you feel so much ahead of the game. I usually set the table a few days ahead. Seeing your beautifully set table will make you feel relaxed, and calm any nerves you might have about getting it all done.



8 Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table



Arte Italica Vetro gold wine gpblet


Even though we may not be able to celebrate as we used to, we can still gather around our table with people we love and be grateful for our blessings.



The Arte Italica pieces and the gold linens are an investment, but they set a gorgeous table, especially with your antique dishes.


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I know I’m way ahead, but I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving! Small and intimate, or with a few others outdoors, or even virtual. Thanksgiving is about gathering the people we love.


What are you planning for Thanksgiving?





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