Luxurious homes have certain environments, a quiet understated elegance. Have you ever noticed that the more luxury a room has the more tranquil you feel inside of it?  Subtle whispers of luxury tell a story as old as time. Opulence and luxury officially have a new meaning. Here are 5 Ways to Bring Quiet Luxury to Your Home.

Today let’s look at ways to make your home feel rich and indulgent – one refined detail at a time. I’ve included some inspiration boards I made for us to use at FrenchGardenHouse.


5 Ways to Bring Quiet Luxury to your Home



Quality pieces far outweigh the luxury status of ever-changing big store decor that’s easily attainable and manufactured in the hundreds of thousands. Begin investing in high quality accessories to style your home with. Your home should be personal, and tell your story. One of the things I’ve always said to clients and written in articles about antiques and decor is this “buy the best you can afford.” One glorious coffee table book from a designer or artist you LOVE makes much more of a statement than a stack of ho-hum books that have the ‘right’ color. Elevate your space by using rich, elevated materials like sumptuous fabrics, real wood, leather and real materials. It will effortlessly transform your home with their refined sophistication.
Bring Quiet Luxury to your home
How to decorate with antiques from France


Adding antiques to your home will add overall opulence to any room. Not just beautiful, well made and classically timeless, using antiques in your home is also part of being mindful in buying pieces that reflect you and your family. Set out to shop with intention to find accessories, art, mirrors and lighting that speak directly to you. With intention, you’ll see that over time personal pieces will find their way to you, and your home will exude luxurious personal touches.

Antique French Sardine Pots
Luxurious French Country antiques


Create a sensory ambience in your home by bringing in the power of scent. FrenchGardenHouse’s own luxury candles such as our French Les Bois Candle, inspired by the fresh scent of verdant woods in France will enchant you and your guests. Many of our clients have a signature scent they use throughout their home, mine currently is our Heirloom French Tomato Vine Candle here at home.

Moody candle lit quiet luxury home decor
French decorating tips


Serene and sophisticated, neutral tones in a home have an elegance that never go out of style. Classic whites and creams, or sleek black and grey colors convey old world refinement. Efforlessly create an elevated ambience, the back drop for showcasing your most exceptional antiques accessories.

With simple yet tasteful design additions like pops of color, perhaps changing with the seasons, neutrals throughout your home give a classic, timeless and luxurious mood.

French elegant bedroom with gold antique decor
French antiques that bring luxury to your decor


Timeless antique chandeliers and sconces bring the epitome of refined elegance to every room. The workmanship, timeless design and exquisite details of antique and vintage lighting elevates and brings a touch of European grandeur to your home.

With simple yet tasteful design additions such as these five, you’ll be able to enjoy the growing trend for quiet luxury. Quiet luxury really is about enjoying things and surrounding yourself with things that are meaningful to YOU. Buying pieces over time that are beautifully made, and whisper richness and value versus the trendy, mass produced things that we as a society tend to use then ‘get rid’ of that then fill landfills. Antiques are sustainable, at FrenchGardenHouse we’re as excited about the beauty and rareness of the pieces we sell as we are about the eco-friendliness of our antiques.We’re strong advocates for sustainability in home design and decor.

How to Use Antique Lighting in your Home




I hope you have enjoyed this post…with all the current talk about “Quiet luxury” in fashion and home decorating, hopefully these 5 Ways to Bring Quiet Luxury to Your Home are easy tips to help you make your own home feel rich and indulgently refined, in an easy way!





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