You can see Mother Nature’s creative beauty everywhere in the fall.



Leaves of red, orange and yellow on trees, vines peppered with beautiful berries, and jewel toned flowers to make your heart glad. Today I’m sharing 5 PLACES TO DRESS YOUR HOME WITH FAUX FALL FLORALS.






Here at FrenchGardenHouse, I love bringing the outside in when I decorate for fall. One of my favorite decorating tricks is to use realistic faux florals and/or greenery stems in seasonal displays throughout our home.  I took some quick shots with my phone to share what I’m using this season, in the 5 BEST places to use seasonal accents in your decor.







Sometimes a matching pair is best.  Small, but with a big impact, these Pear Topiaries planted in hand painted tole cachepots make a showy statement on the sterling tray. Topped with a gorgeous set of black and white transfer ware plates, and flanked by antique wood candlesticks, they make our hand painted French commode look seasonally cheerful!






The mantel is one of the focal points in every room. A wild, loose and airy fall display makes your whole interior come alive. When creating a bouquet, go big! The arrangement should make a statement. Use some real twigs or branches as the base, and be sure to avoid the “perfection” tendency {you know what I mean!} It should be wild, a little messy, just like branches and flowers are in nature.

By using a few “real” twigs or branches, you will fool the eye.  Start with branches or tall twigs, add in tall sprays, fill in the middle with some shorter pieces.  I used real branches from our garden, and my favorite burgundy velvet faux pod stems.





Voila! You have created a masterpiece that will carry you all the way through Thanksgiving.





One of my favorite places to decorate is near my sink – since I spend a lot of time cooking and washing up on the daily.  What do you display next to your sink? I love coming up with some different looks for those hard to decorate places at FrenchGardenHouse.

This autumn,  I added a floral in an antique French Country clay pot there.  The colors are deep purples and burgundy, with lots of leafy greens and berries.  The arrangement is small enough not to be in the way, but makes a statement with a collection of antique French cutting boards and linens.








Little details can make a huge difference in your home.  To bring a touch of the season to a side table or nightstand, a small potted faux floral in fall tones,  is a delightful way to add a pop of autumn.  I design each of our Les Belles Fleurs Collections to include just a few smaller decorative accents just for this purpose.


In our newly remodeled guest bathroom, this little French style floral arrangement is just right. It brings a little cheer to the vanity, without me having to fuss over water levels and refreshing real flowers.









Even though we don’t have a traditional dining room at FrenchGardenHouse, our large side table on one wall of the kitchen is a favored place to bring the season to life.  A display that uses some faux floral accents and an antique hand made wooden bowl in autumnal tones set the seasonal tone here.





On the big farm table in the center the antique French dough bowl gets an easy make over for fall.  I layered dried eucalyptus branches in the bowl, then added the velvet faux pod stems {I love them!!} a few gold sprayed leaves, and three real pumpkins.







Fall florals we’ve fallen in love with at FrenchGardenHouse –



I went a little crazy at the floral designers while creating this year’s fall Les Belles Fleurs Collection.




All of them are my favorites, but right now I’m totally in love with these favorites:









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à bientôt




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