Do you want to know the secret to creating a perfect summer flower arrangement?

Don’t overthink it.


Use simple, country style flowers en masse.  All one flower and color is easy, and beautiful!

Nothing says SUMMER more than these happy sunflowers, they bring their sunny colors and joyful presence into you home to make everyone happy.



If you came here for our FLORAL FRIDAY via Shirley, Pam or Mary, WELCOME!  I am so happy to have you join us on this 1st Floral Friday in August.


We are all sharing floral arrangements with the queens of summer flowers, SUNFLOWERS today.  Please be sure to visit all my friends for beautiful inspiration – I’ll share the links at the bottom of this post.



In this post, I’m sharing a very easy arrangement of two types of sunflowers mixed with greens and presented in an antique French confit pot.

Sunflowers, or Helianthus come in at least 70 different species! Their name comes from their likeness to the sun, with the large flower head surrounded by their enchanting array of petals. Sunflowers instantly lift the spirits of any room in your home, don’t they?



Standing in a fleld of sunflowers in Provence is magical, the sight is intoxicating.  When those sunflowers are planted in fields alongside fragrant lavender such as in the fields of Valensole, it’s spellbinding!



Sunflowers are always happy, with their bright cheerful golden or chocolate faces framed by yellow petals.



I’ll be honest with you, I am not a huge fan of yellow. {Don’t hate me!} Usually the flowers I choose for our FrenchGardenHouse are much more subtle in color.  But in the hot summer month of August, sunflowers just seem right somehow.



The cheery form and color of sunflowers make your rooms feel like they are flooded with bright, beautiful sunshine.


And their rich, golden hues combine beautifully with the French Country antiques we love.




For this arrangement, I chose two different kinds of sunflowers, one with golden yellow centers, the other with deep, dark rich chocolate centers.  The sprigs of green are cuttings from the back garden, when I can, I use what I can “glean” from the gardens.



The confit pots are new arrivals from France, I always adore the wear and missing glaze on the old, old pots used so long ago.  For me, the more wear the better, this really shows their history, doesn’t it?



I echoed the sunflowers by placing a few of them in the antique French body pitcher on the small side table next to our “new” leopard” chairs.  Mr. FrenchGardenHouse is still not a fan of those, but me? I fell head-over-heels in love with them on sight. I just need to have some time to work them into the whole scheme of things here at home.



If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that our daughter married her prince this past weekend.  I’m hoping to share a few photos of the wedding soon, for once, I didn’t take my own photos, just put away the camera to soak in every wonderful minute of the day and evening.

It’s a busy, busy time here, at your house too?  Our little people are due to arrive for a few days of fun tomorrow, I’m working on fall and holiday collections, shipments are arriving from market as well as France…all very exciting!

I don’t have much time to fuss with flowers, so  I’m very happy with my easy to make floral arrangement right now.




When the sunflowers start to droop a little, I’ll move them {water and all} to the sideboard in the kitchen to let them dry.  Once the water is all gone, they should be dried to perfection, ready to use in the fall in displays and potpourris.


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Do you adore yellow? Sunflowers? Love the way they look in summer?


à bientôt