Memorial Day, 4th of July, and outdoor celebrations are all around the corner! Is your summer filling up as fast as ours?

Our family started off this busy summer season with a weekend away in Carlsbad, where we gathered together to celebrate one of our little people’s 7th birthday. Most. Fun. Ever!

Time with family and friends in the summer here at FrenchGardenHouse means barbecues, our annual Jeu de Boules Tournament, and fun spur-of-the-moment gatherings. It’s the nature of this season!

Here are some of our favorite posts to help you create a relaxed, beautiful summer with those you love gathered at home to celebrate all summer has to offer.

Blue and White Dishes| Bon Appetit Napkins

This is one of your very favorite summer posts from FrenchGardenHouse. A casual “stop-by-for-dinner” kind of table, with a delicious, easy meal featuring Gremolata, a flavor packed topping for vegetables, pasta, or protein off the grill.

This gremolata recipe combines buttery toasted pine nuts, tangy capers, sweet bell pepper, basil, lemon zest, and parsley together, and is light, fresh, and clean!

Summer is a wonderful time to Host an informal wine tasting evening. It’s a fun chance to get together with your friends and drink a few great wines, add some delicious appetizers, and call it fun. I’ll show you how to host a wine tasting party at home for family and friends, just click on the link.

Add a selection of authentic French antiques to set the scene. PERFECT.

French Wine Measures | French Olive Bowls |French Grapevine Wine Pull | Antique French Glasses | Linen Runner |French Hotel Bread Baskets


Last, but certainly not least, try this easy to make salad dressing recipe!


Keep this on hand to add to a fresh organic salad, throw a steak, chicken or fish on the BBQ, add an easy appetizer, ice cream or fruit for dessert, and you are ready to entertain!




Wishing you all a beautiful, relaxing weekend!




13 Responses to WEEKEND FAVORITES | Outdoor Season

  1. That gremolata looks delicious. Asparagus season is almost over here–I hope I find some at the market tomorrow so I can try this out.

  2. On Memorial Day I like to pause and give thanks for our country,fly our beloved red,white and blue and give thanks for those who have sacrificed all for our freedom. We should never take it for granted. It is also a day to share love and laughter, good food and fun with family. I can’t wait to try the salad dressing.

  3. I agree, Sherry, I love to do that also on Memorial Day. We never take that for granted, ever! xo

  4. As always, beautiful pictures. I love asparagus season and am certainly going to try that dressing. Also taking time this weekend to remember that Memorial Day isn’t just BBQs and get-togethers but a time to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

  5. I would love to try making Gremolato. I’ve heard great things about it. I had a problem with the link going from site to site and then not loading. Just a FYI. 🙂

    You have such a lovely family. My sons lived in Carlsbad for two years when the younger was in professional golf school in Temecula. Such a beautiful area. We loved our visits. Wish I knew you then!!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Lidy!

    Jane x

  6. Hi, Lidy,
    What a nice looking family, looks like a lot of fun so enjoy and be safe. Love all the food, such pretty setting, have a wonderfull Memorial Day~~~~~~~~~~
    Jean Van, Ca.~~~~~

  7. It was tradition in my family to honor this holiday quietly. My mother would cut sheaves of dogwood and peonies and we would visit the graves of loved ones. I don’t live close to any of them now but I still like to spend some quiet time in memories.

    BTW, I visited Kristy’s page and tried to sign up for the book but the confirmation email never showed up. 🙁

  8. Great summer ideas and food can’t say enough for summer fun! May is just about over so please enter me into the drawing, I would love the summer read.
    Thanks, Denise

  9. This memorial day weekend has been spent at home, working in my garden, going to church and resting and catching up on blog reading. It has been a low key holiday and nice not to rush to a destination.
    It is good to reflect on our country and those that gave their lives for our freedom and even today serve in many areas protecting and sacrificing for our safety some even behind the scenes insuring our safety.
    Loved your post today. Off to scroll back and take a more in depth look.

  10. Our favorite ways to spend the summer holidays at Galveston Island is lots of chilled fruit,white wine,cheese and French bread. And of course cold pasta salads and a good read at the beach.

  11. Gremolato is a wonderful quick but delicious
    side dish. I always use it for French green beans
    I love reading the summer feast blog. Especially
    Because it is raining as I sit here .

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