Do you love perfume?




Then  Grasse should be on your “go to” list!










Just north of Cannes, Grasse is only a 30-minute drive from Nice,





which makes it a fabulous day trip if you are on the Cote d’Azur.








The old part of town is very picturesque, and this little town seems to have kept that slower pace of life,





despite having over 1 million visitors per year!





 The Notre Dame du Puy Cathedral is a mid-13th century church.





It is awe inspiring!   What I love most is that you can still attend a mass there





daily at 8:30 am in the crypt, 10:00 am in the main cathedral.








Grasse has been the Perfume Capital since the late 1700’s,




when the French aristocracy developed a love for scented oils.







The Perfume Museum in Grasse exhibits over 3000 years of the history of perfume





and has beautiful gardens to investigate – it is an extra few Euros but worth it.







Grasse still has an international reputation in the perfume industry




and is the home of dozens of fragrance companies.




Many long standing famous French perfume houses are based in Grasse,




Molinard, Fragonard and Gallimard among them.









The Fragonard Perfume Factory Tour is a





free 25 minute overview of perfume making, historical and current techniques etc.






Many of the other perfume factories also offer tours.








A large percentage of all fragrance flowers and oils for the world’s perfumes





The flowers used by Chanel for the iconic No. 5 perfume are grown in Grasse.







2 Boulevard du Jeu de Ballon,

06130 Grasse, France

Musees de Grasse







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We’re back from a short {!!} buying trip.


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à bientôt

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  1. Thanks so much for this post Lidy. Our trip to Grasse is booked (as a perfume lover, I can’t wait) and I’m grateful for your tips to help make our day even better.

  2. Janelle, you will love it! It’s so interesting, especially as you are a perfume lover. And the area is beyond gorgeous too! Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  3. I love how you provide the sense of history to the items you curate for our pleasure, Lidy. Grasse looks like a dreamy place, the church a beautiful jewel box. Thank you for sharing. I bet your newest additions will be irresistible!

  4. Rita, that church is beautiful! Some parts are really, really old looking, and not as ornate as the chapel. But how exciting would it be to call this your home church!? Hope your week is lovely. xo

  5. Lidy, Grasse looks like such a beautiful place to visit. The photographs of the cathedral are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Enjoy your day, sweet friend!

  6. Shannon, it’s such a lovely place all perfume lovers go to! It’s a beautiful town too. Hope you are having a beautiful week,friend. xo

  7. What a delight! Such a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for taking us with you!

    We headed to Germany and Italy soon and can’t wait!

  8. Oh Nancy, you will have a wonderful time! So nice to have you visit….I hope your week is a beautiful one!

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