those are the perfect words to describe this gorgeous Holiday Southern Home Tour.


Designer Pam Kelley is allowing us to take a peek into her beautiful home decorated for the holidays.


You might have been introduced to Pam here >

as part of my “Brilliant Friends” series, I’ll be honest, Pam IS brilliant!



The outside of her home already makes you want to see  m  o  r   e    ….

doesn’t it?!



Wait until you see her home dressed for the holidays…I’ll confess, I always tell her I want to move in.


And so will you.




The front porch is dressed for holiday cheer with garlands, and a stunning Christmas wreath.


Worth emulating: the pillows with the house number printed on them.

Such a clever idea.




Once you are inside, you will love everything.


Pam’s style is traditional, with a mix of English and French antiques.

{exactly what I love and sell at FrenchGardenHouse.}




This cozy seating area is made for the holidays.



The perfect place to watch a Christmas movie classic

with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of French champagne in hand.







Pam’s genius at decorating a gorgeous holiday tree is evident!


Her decorations are a sublime mix of color, texture, new, and old ornaments.

Each one shines in its special spot on the tree.






Tucking in antique Christmas postcards is a dazzling way


to add another layer of beauty to discover in the tree.





Not to be outdone by the glittering ornaments,


the gifts are wrapped with great care

and touches of metallics.






Pam and I share a love for antique English Staffordshire pottery.


And antique French Old Paris Madonna’s.








The mantel in the formal living room is dressed for the holidays.



Blue and white porcelains are the perfect base for

the sumptuous layers of green and red accents.






The dining room table is set for a delightful dinner with family –


ready for making precious memories of Christmas spent together.








The majestic gilded mirror over the sideboard


reflects the embellished chandelier beautifully.






I know. I better hurry.


Because by now all of you want to move in with Pam.



Let’s take a look into the kitchen.







Outside in the back, it’s a Southern gardener’s delight!







The back door is as welcoming as the front.






Enhanced with seasonal greens, magnolia branches, and festive twinkling lights,

it is a joy to come outdoors.



But honestly, the inside of Pam’s home is so enchanting

I’d never want to leave.




I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Pam’s gorgeous Southern home for the holidays.


A HUGE thank you to Pam, for her gracious Southern hospitalty

and for allowing us all to tour her home and garden.

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Photos are by Dan Piassick


Ps. the winner of our $100.00 December gift certificate give away is:

Jo Ann McC.






à bientôt


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  1. Pam’s home is a Christmas wonderland, I love everything about it! The silver piece on the kitchen island is spectacular. I see it has a tap & I’m wondering what it’s used for? It’s a true statement piece.

    The tree is so lovely packed with ornaments. I always have a problem getting all the ornaments I want on the tree. This year, at a special request from my husband, I completely changed the look of my tree. I used glittering wide mesh ribbon and glass ornaments in white & platinum colors, some with pearls & some with vintage glitter designs. I must say it sparkles like diamonds & we absolutely love it! It’s so fun to create our “wonderlands” and transform our homes, small or large, into a different look. Thanks so much for sharing Pam’s beautiful home, Lidy.

    en vous souhaitant un très joyeux Noël – Edie Marie

  2. Edie Marie,

    I can only imagine how beautiful your tree and holiday home looks. Thank you so much for your visit today.

  3. Exquisite and enchanting indeed…I had to scroll through the photos again to catch every beautiful detail…Pam’s collection of antiques are so fabulously curated throughout her home…From the interiors to the exterior…Pam’s home is filled with beauty, charm and grace….a most joyful place to live…yep, my bags can be packed on a dime!…then again. I could move into your guest room too!!!….Wonderful tour!!! Thanks for the amazing inspiration here today Lidy!….Have a very Merry day!!!!…oh and congrats to the winner!..Lucky lady!!!!

  4. What a stunning home! I love everything about it. Every image is more enchanting than the last. It filled me with holiday cheer and magic. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. Wow, this beautiful home certainly rings in the spirit of Christmas. Thank you Pam for sharing your warm, beautiful and so festive home. Merry Christmas to all.

  6. I agree Carolann. That describes how I feel about Pam’s magical home exactly! I hope you are having a lovely week.

  7. It’s like walking into a beautiful Christmas dream! From the front of the house to the Christmas tree to the kitchen, it is as lovely and inspiring as can be.
    Thank you for sharing this holiday inspiration, Lidy.
    Merry Christmas.

  8. Ohhh myyyy! What a lovely home! I absolutely love the rich layers of textures and colors that Pam used throughout her home for this beautiful holiday season! Stunning! She created such an elegant look yet it all feels warm, cozy and inviting.

    Her silver pieces are amazing, I really like how she has added beautiful fresh greens in so many places. The little bottle brushes on the dining room table are adorable. What a beautiful tour. Bravo, Pam! Thank you for sharing this beauty, Lidy.
    Merry & Blessed Christmas to you both!

  9. What a beautiful home! I love the use of all the fresh greens both indoors and out. Simply stunning Christmas tree. And, I adore the kitchen too!!

  10. Maureen, thank you so much for visiting today. I can’t wait to add fresh greens here at home too, just like Pam has done. Merry Christmas!

  11. Congrats to the winner. I loved every room in her home. How beautiful!!

  12. Thank you Penny! I love every single room in Pam’s house too…it’s beautiful. She is such a talented designer.

  13. Oh my how absolutely gorgeous! My favorites are the first and last pics because you know how much I love plants and naturals but I can also really appreciate all of Pam’s gorgeous traditional decor and collectibles. It’s truly enchanted.

  14. Just gorgeous! All of it! I’m loving that bakers rack out the back door. Makes me want to move to a warmer climate (that and the 30 degree temps here lately)! And the tinsel on the tree!!! A woman after my own heart!

  15. Wow, I love Pam’s home, it is all absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful pics too, such a wonderful display of Christmas inside and out. My favorite kind of home: warm, inviting, with color and collected over time.

  16. Lidy, thank you for sharing Pam’s gorgeous home! I will refer back to these fabulous rooms that are filled with traditional style and lovely antiques. It is so refreshing to see layers of texture and color and personality in a home. She is a talented designer for sure!

  17. Thank you for sharing Pam’s home. Inside and outside is pretty! The Staffordshire, Madonna, and Icons and Santos are my love too. I love how she decorated the bakers rack, I decorate mine at Christmas also! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  18. What a beautiful home Pam has! Thank you so much for inviting us on the tour! And congratulations to JoAnn McC as the winner of the $100.00 prize! How fun!

  19. Hi Lidy,

    The photos are as gorgeous as always. You always make my day. Pam has been blessed with fabulous talent. Thank you so much for choosing my comment for the December Give Away! Let me know how to use my gift certificate. I AM SO EXCITED TO SHOP YOUR SHOPPE!

  20. Pam has created an enchanting home. I love the simplicity of the exterior… so classic and inviting… both front door and back and I could live on the patio. It’s too hard to pick a favorite, but I do love her old fashioned looking Christmas tree… right down to the tinsel. Thanks for giving us such a lovely tour of Pam’s home, Lidy!

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