Embrace Autumn at home this season with our gorgeous bespoke faux floral arrangements.

Inspired by all things foraged and found in the woods and hillsides of the Bourgogne region In France, our Autumn Floral Collection embraces the beauty of this spectacular region.

For this collection, I went back to my roots.  I thought about all the beautiful hand tied bouquets we are able to buy in Europe in the little boutique floral shops, and knew that’s what I wanted to re-create for you with faux flowers.



Each bouquet is hand-tied in our studio to order. Slight variations in stem arrangement and length may occur, just like it would if you bought a fresh bouquet in a shop in France.



I personally chose the most realistic, luxury quality flowers I could find for the hand tied bunches and arrangements.




The Floral Gift Bouquets of amazingly realistic faux flowers are the answer if you need a gorgeous, luxury hostess or occasion gift.  Some include a recycled glass vase so that they are ready to go.



They are limited in numbers, so that there won’t be a lot of the same flowers out there, most are limited to 6-12 production designs at this time.



I hope you will love them to add a seasonal touch of natural beauty to your home, where fresh flowers are impractical.



There are a small number of hand made custom designed wreaths for the season, too!


Use these to hang on a wall, an antique armoire, but also encircling a glass hurricane with a candle, or a punch bowl when entertaining.



There are some topiaries and potted plants, all designed here at FrenchGardenHouse {except for one!}, so that you will be the only one who has one at home!



Happy Decorating!





à bientôt




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  1. What absolutely gorgeous flowers! One of the things I liked best about our time in Germany had to be the flowers. There was a florist in the small town we lived in with wonderful choices. It was always fun to walk around the shop, chatting as I chose some flowers, and then, she wrought her magic. I always left with a beautiful arrangement, always promising to return (and I did!). My husband would go in for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day. He’d say “I need something nice for Mary. You know what she likes.” And she always created something wonderful.

  2. Here I am living in Burgundy! But, this summer has been so dry that most of our foliage has dried up and is fallin off the trees already! So, the “faux” leaves are a very good idea. I had promised myself not to have faux flowers in my house in Burgundy but I did get a faux orchid to keep upstairs all the time. It’s not close to anyone so you would never know. Your faux flowers are lovely and it is very hard to get all of those blooming at the same time to look good and bring into the house. Most people wouldn’t know anyway!!

  3. Thank you so much Cindy! I hope you are enjoying your day too! And that there are flowers in it!

  4. Spring here. I pruned a branch off the peach tree (wrong time to do it I know but……) and put some of the flowers in a dusky pink and denim blue pottery vase and I am surprised at how long they are lasting.

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