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Today I am honored to join Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, the CEO of Hoffman Media and publisher of Victoria Magazine, Southern Lady Magazine, Tea Time Magazine and many more glorious publications to talk about my favorite subject: Antiques!  Collecting Victorian Lockets.


Please go to The Ribbon in my Journal to learn more about how lockets came to be one of the most beloved jewelry pieces, worn close to the heart.

They have a rich history, and remain a beautiful way to keep photos, a love poem, perhaps even a lock of hair close to your heart. Be sure to leave us a comment there, or ask a question, we’ll be there to reply.


You can see more beautiful antique lockets here.

4 Responses to Secret Life of Antiques | Antique Lockets

  1. I have a beautiful antique locket that was given to me by my mother-in-law (who found it in a shop). It won’t open. I can’t tell you how much that makes me LOVE it! I have had it for several years and each time I wear it, I wonder what might be inside. I also wonder about the person who wore it before me. Such a delightful mystery! I also have a newer locket which my husband gave to me on the eve of our wedding. I treasure it and hope to pass it down to one of my daughters someday. #heartmelt
    Michelle from

  2. Thanks for visiting, and leaving a comment, Ashley! I am sure that your daughter will love a locket from her Mom!

  3. Love the lockets pictured! I had a gold heart locket belonging to my husband’s grandmother, and two lovely silver ones of mine – all stolen. You can imagine the heartbreak! My Mother has since given me another one of the locket which is lovely but will never replace the antique heart locket.

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