Say I Love YOU!

Say I LOVE YOU from your heart. Nothing spells Love & Kisses more than a gift you make yourself. Show your family just how you feel, and treat them to one, or all of these great ideas to make Valentine’s Day special chez vous.

Stenciled Hearts~Julia Usher

Or how about these adorable necklaces for all the little girls {big ones, too!} on your list of those you love? Genius! {They are made of gumballs and ribbon}


Love Letters? These cookies make even a box of chocolates look drab. Who wouldn’t love to receive a box like this? Have this delivered to your love’s office for extra fun.


No matter what you do, a little home made love goes a long way. Start the day with heart shaped pancakes or toast, sandwich a few treats like these in between, and end with a glorious decadent dessert, celebrate those you love!

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  1. Such a beautiful post, full of my favorite colors….and LOVE your new site here. The background color you have here and at the old site is so softly lavender. One of my favorites.

    Looks so pretty! :)

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