Today I am sharing some of our latest antique jardinieres from France. They are so beautiful, with all their personality, wear and patina.

Something beautiful and spring-like on my table is always so inspirational, and these old, old French planters are perfect.

They are almost all from the late 1800’s, very early 1900’s, and have seen plenty of flower arrangements in their days. Family luncheons on the grass. Dinner parties. Laughter.



Lovely faded colors, with the grace of time. They wear it well, each chip or missing paint spot a testimony to their history.

They show off flowers to perfection, a decorative complement, their well worn patina a beautiful juxtaposition to the perfection of each flower.  I think these blush roses look so gorgeous in this enameled urn I bought from an old, small chateau greenhouse.



This is the bigger sister of the jardiniere above.  These planters have such a history! Oh, the stories they could tell of chic dinners at the chateau.  These were most likely used for outdoor soirees, as they are not as elegant as the gilded jardinieres used in the grand dining rooms long ago.


Each one of these captured my heart on a recent buying trip.  This one, with the little gilded brass cherubs has the most beautiful flower bedecked handles! It was elegant enough to be invited INSIDE for flowers in the entrance or on the dining room table.


I love that one side shows some darkening of the metal…this shows age.  I am not a fan of “perfect” antiques. I like to see a little history, some signs of living a life where perhaps the upstairs maid forgot to wipe off all the water that dripped on the jardiniere after removing the garden roses one night!


This jardiniere has the classic French fluted shape, but a dark “ink” color, almost blue-black.  It sets off the blossoms of the roses and my favorite ranunculus flowers perfectly!


This, the smallest and most shabby {also the oldest, I think} of the planters is bedecked with tiny pink carnations. Some are petal pink, and some a variegated pink and softest yellow.

I admit I love all these spring flowers! And if it wouldn’t look so awkward, I’d be tempted to place all of these containers with their flowers on our dining room table.

For an all-out spring flower party!


Another kind of metal antique flower container, these little cast iron vases are often used for cemeteries in France.  This one has a lovely pansy embossed on the front, and still has its original grey silver paint.

I planted some stock inside, and placed it on a side table. For spring inspiration here in the FrenchGardenHouse office, until it gets sold and flies to its new home!


This is a favorite time of year around FrenchGardenHouse. We are excited about the French garden antiques we were able to acquire for you to make your home and garden spring-happy!

There is something special about gardening antiques, and our custom florals and wreaths make it a happy mix.


I am married to a gardener, John has inherited his father’s love for planting, tending and growing beautiful flowers and plants. { Nothing makes me happier than to see him out in the sunshine, raking or planting.}

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, and that spring is peeking into your days with lots of warm sunshine, or atleast the promise of sunny days ahead!


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  1. Thank you! They are getting pretty rare to find. Hope you have a happy weekend in France! With sun!

  2. They are all simply gorgeous Lidy, and styled perfectly! Who can’t be inspired by all those beauties?!?

  3. These are lovely. I am inspired to make a spring arrangement in my own gardiniere.
    Thank you!

  4. You do a great job at displaying your treasures. I want everything you post! I look forward to receiving your emails.

  5. I love having different pieces to plant or display my flowers in. I fell in love with the second Jardiniere (did I get that right?!). You have a way of making me long for all things past. 🙂


  6. I can almost smell the spicy scent of the carnations and stock. I adore your beautiful presentations. How fun it is to imagine the histories of these iconic jardinieres and vases. The stock in the pansy vase would be inspiration indeed!

  7. Lidy, your posts are always a treat for my eyes. You are a master stylist and have a way with photography and words that delights and inspires. I love coming here. . .it feeds my soul. Thank you. Happy weekend to you and your John.

  8. Thank you Nancy, Jane and Julie, for loving these antiques and their flowers as much as I do.

  9. They are all so beautiful but I was especially excited to see the one with the cherubs as I have one identical to it that I ended up painting white!
    Love your posts..take care, Maryann

  10. Such breathtakingly beautuful jardinieres, Their beauty is only surpassed by the gorgeous flowers you’ve styled so impeccably. A true feast for the eyes Lidy!

  11. Exquisite..each and every photo..each and every jardiniere. I always look forward to opening up my email of your post thinking what fabulous thing will you present to us today…always a treat!!! Have a wonderful week Lidy!

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