Summer flowers are one of my favorite things.



Yours too?







Each summer,  I like to decorate with lots of flowers.





Big beautiful floral displays give our home a fresh, seasonal look.









The only thing is, summer is filled with lots of outings,





days at the beach, vacation trips, and for me, buying trips.





So lots of fresh flowers require lots of work, changing water every couple of days,






and getting new bouquets each week








Here’s where my secret weapon for fresh-looking summery decor comes in-




I use gorgeous, realistic faux flower displays in every room!







I cheated a little and added our Chinoiserie Peonies Arrangment to this kitchen photo –





see how it picks up the color in the painting and totally takes this space to summer?









Chances are you already love the displays around your home.




To bring a summery look, all you sometimes need to add is a seasonal floral on your tray.




This white potted hydrangea is always in bloom, and lifts the whole room!




Literally takes five seconds – done! No watering needed so you can play in the sun all day!






Adding a few large faux hydrangeas to a fantastic French vase or jar




makes your whole room look amazing.







In this beach cottage, our Chateau Floral Arrangement  adds just the right accent





in ocean blues and softest greens.








These are my favorites – although they are a little “wild” like they are in nature




This bunch of faux columbine looks so much like the real thing!







Many of you use our FrenchGardenHouse florals for vacation homes, beach cottages and guest quarters.




And they are absolutely perfect for that!






Can you ever have too many flowers?



I say NO!




A sprinkling of some beautiful faux flowers are always a good idea.






Then you can add one big, beautiful bunch of fresh flowers as the queen of the show!







Right now, all our Les Belles Fleurs florals 65.00 or over are 20% off.




Make your home happy for summer!



à bientôt

If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.


  1. I worked with Silks when I lived in San Diego in the late 80’s and then again in the 90’s in Alexandria, VA. Then I got burned out on them. So, when we moved to France, I told myslef I wouldn’t use any more fake flowers. But, I must say that now adays, they hafe much more realistic flowers. So, soon going back to the states, i may use some of your ideas. Even here in France, my garden doesn’t provide enough flowers for me all during the summer So, thanks alot! Smiles, Allison

  2. Beautiful ideas! Lidy, I wanted to let you know I received my beautiful candle and the French Flower Arranging Kit from you this week, and I love them. The candle smells wonderful without being overwhelming, and I used the kit to arrange a beautiful bouquet I picked up at the farmers market this morning. These are the second items I’ve ordered from you, and I am delighted by how lovely the presentation is when it arrives. I recently used the beautiful toile tissue paper and ribbon for a small birthday present.

  3. Peggy, that is so sweet of you to say! I am so happy that you love the candle, and the flower arranging kit! And…happy to to have the tissue repurposed!

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