HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!  I hope you are having a beautiful 4th of July!

I love a good summer drink. This one, created by Lisa Hatfield Torres, is just right for today’s celebration, and every summer celebration.

This is sangria, but this would be equally beautiful with iced tea or lemonade! I serve it along with those long silver iced-tea spoons, so everyone can get the last bite of delicious summer fruit along with the cool, refreshing liquid.

We are so blessed to live in our beautiful America. I remember so many magical warm days celebrating the 4th of July. When our girls were small, we set out very early to help our local service club serve pancakes and sausages before the Main Street parade.

After the parade, we’d all troop home for a bbq, and enjoy the afternoon in the garden with family and friends. Later that evening, there were fireworks at the local high school.

Always on the menu were their very favorite hamburgers made by their daddy, hot off the grill.

Chef Lisa of DeliciousTable has reinvented the BBQ burgers as mini sliders, which you make in the oven! I love this idea, for days when firing up the barbecue isn’t your fondest idea, and you want to recapture the magic of your 4th of July barbecue. See the recipe for Sheet Pan Cheeseburger Sliders on


3 lb ground hamburger
3 tablespoons BBQ Grill Rub
1 cup worcestershire
24 mini hamburger buns
ruffled bib lettuce
24 tomato, slices
24 1/2? cubes of cheddar cheese
6 slices colby cheese, cut into quarters
dipping sauce or burger spread: ketchup, mayo, dill (or sweet) relish (4 tablespoons each or equal portions)
American flag picks


Mix ground hamburger, grill rub, and worcestershire sauce. Line a large sheet pan with parchment paper.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large bowl, mix hamburger meat, grill rub, and worcestershire until well combined. Use a 2” ice cream scoop to get them even sized, place a cube of cheese inside, and form into a ball. Place on the parchment lined baking tray.

Bake 400 degrees 20 minutes until well done.

Assemble burgers: slice buns, stack lettuce, tomato, burger, cheese, add serve on a patriotic tray (or in cupcake wrappers) and stick a flag toothpick in top.

Optional: Serve with dipping sauce or spread on burgers: Mix equal portions of ketchup, mayo, and relish (either dill or sweet).

These are delicious for any summer day, the 4th, Memorial Day, or Labor Day.

I hope you make these for your very favorite people soon. Happy 4th !  

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  1. Hi Lidy,

    Gee…thought your previous pictures were great, but oh my word! Yum! Yum! time and then some! You have certainly made me even more hungrier than ever with such delicious looking food on such a wonderful tablecloth. and those colorful decorations.

    Ah! can just taste that hamburger (just look at that juicy meat, melted cheese, and so green lettuce) and am wondering where is the hammock so I can lie down after eating such delectable food!!

    Thank you Lidy for making my day!


  2. Have a wonderful Independence Day, Lidy! Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  3. Hi, Lidy,
    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, have a grand day and be safe, love the above and I am making that drink looks so refreshing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. Hello, I printed out your recipe for the sliders as the link didn’t appear. Your red, white and blue table is just lovely! I pinned it for inspiration next year!

    Happy Fourth to you,

  5. For years, we held a July 4 party here in France. But it just got way too big and we stopped doing it. No point if you don’t have time to talk to the guests because there are so many.
    Not sure whether you know, but in these parts, the apertif of choice is Ricard. Not just any pastis, but specifically Ricard (though some people prefer 52). And it’s called “un jaune”–a yellow–after the color the liqueur turns when it oxidizes in contact with water. Never ice cubes in the pastis! Just in the water.

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