On any trip to Pariswalking into a little flower shop,


you will instantly fall in love with the French style of floral arranging.



The arrangements are slightly structured, and usually kept to a monochromatic color scheme.



Today I’m sharing easy monochromatic arrangements

in their very simplest form!



{they do not resemble the ultra chic Parisian ones.}





Welcome to Monday  Morning Blooms!



My friends Shirley, Pam, Mary, and I are so excited you are here.



This time our theme revolves around Saint Patrick’s Day.



I love green flowers. No, not those carnations dyed bright green.





Because I didn’t have time to create a lavish show stopper,



I made a few smaller complimentary arrangements.



It’s an easy trick, a few simple arrangements will still make a statement to your table or room!





Greens are so soothing. Vivid in nature, green is really a neutral base for every floral design.



 And….going with all one color, or one color and white,



makes it so easy to pull together some kind of floral arrangement in a few minutes!







I’ll confess to you right now,


I pulled these “arrangements” {and I’m using this term very, very loosely here!}


together in about ten minutes because it’s been a crazy busy last two weeks


since we last met here on Monday Morning Blooms!




Some weeks months are like that, right?





For a last minute impromptu luncheon here,


I ran to the store and bought a bunch of Bells of Ireland, white mums and green pompom mums.



{along with French bread, salad and a dessert.}





I filled some antique French green canning jars with water,



arranged the Bells of Ireland in the tallest jar



together with some clippings from our silversheen tree in the front garden.





In another jar, I added the white mums accompanied with the same clippings from our silver sheen



and I tucked in a little succulent that tore off and was lying on the gravel.



{it’s green, and I love that contrasting color!}




I pulled out a bunch of water cress from the fridge, and placed that in an antique French pitcher.



Here at FrenchGardenHouse, anything “live” – fruit, vegetable, herb and plant –


is fair game for a table arrangement!





On a French cake stand, on a bed of bright reindeer moss,



I carefully placed a butter lettuce, inserted a glass for water



and nestled in one little hydrangea and some bright green pom mums.





A little odd, but great fun!






Different sized flowers and texture really makes this cake stand “arrangement” come alive.






The deeper greens remind us of the foliage of winter,



but it’s the lighter greens that we really adore



as they evoke spring’s very welcome return.





Even though I could not spend a lot of time arranging my flowers



they brought spring’s fresh green cheer to our table.






Just between us…can we talk about the table setting for a minute?



I purposely mixed antique Limoges plates with silver hotel flatware and contemporary linen napkins.



Fancy goes perfectly well with “every day” – Luxe with Country.


If you like it – DO IT!




What is more amazing than creating a verdant garden

in spring?



These simple monochromatic arrangements are calming and , refreshing!


I hope you try making one or more at home this week.









I hope you love these MONDAY MORNING BLOOMS days as much as I do.



Not only do I get to share them with my dear friends Shirley, Pam and Mary,



but also with all of you!  Thank you for your friendship – I cherish it.











Please Go Visit My Brilliant Friends Shirley, Mary and Pam.


MARY HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs


SHIRLEY Housepitality Designs


PAM Everyday Living


And me LIDY FrenchGardenhouse


à bientôt


If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.


  1. I am always fascinated with your floral and table arrangements – simple and always elegant.

  2. Lidy, You have style oozing from your fingertips! I love how you artfully combine your antiques and heirlooms with everyday and contemporary pieces. And who would have thought you could elevate butter lettuce to flower status?! I love the mix of greens for spring, such a welcome contrast to all the grays and browns of winter. Thank you for the beauty you share. It’s a treat to join your for some flower therapy and count you as a flower loving friend. <3

  3. What a great idea to use lettuce in a flower arrangement, never thought of that.

  4. Lidy, I agree with Mary, you artfully combine prized antiques with the everyday for the most gorgeous displays and vignettes. Your ten minutes of arranging created magic! Your impressive green display is perfect for another rainy and gloomy day, I know that spring will eventually come! It is always a pleasure to share Monday Morning Blooms with you!????? Wishing you a joy-filled day!

  5. Waking up to Monday Morning Blooms with you, Pam, Shirley and Mary is such a pleasure and one I look forward to every Monday morning. And Green!,I so needed some green today because the ground is white hear and it’s -4 . I so hope everyone in the South, especially Alabama are safe and sound. Reports are devasting and it’s just the start of tornado season. Praying God will restore those in the path with peace and shelter from every storm.

  6. I am amazed that you pulled this unbelievable table setting and arrangement together in 10 minutes!! It took me so much longer just putting my arrangement together…so are magician…you work magic to everything to touch!…there is so much beauty in just the simplest of items such as watercress and the butter lettuce…and of course your exquisite French antiques just adds to the magic…So wonderful joining you for another beautiful Monday of flower inspiration…you inspire us all!…Have a beautiful day Lidy!!

  7. I can’t wait to try your quick arrangements. You are so creative in everything you put out.Thank you so much.
    I look forward to all your mails.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Your monochromatic arrangement is quite stunning Lidy, and I much prefer flowers loosely arranged and not fused over, so much more natural that way! I love to use fresh vegetables mixed with flowers and greenery and the lettuce is wonderful! Beautiful and striking! Happy Monday!

  9. Again, stunning! I love the use of lettuce and such in an arrangement. I love that you encourage thinking outside of the box. Blessings to you!

  10. Hey now, Lidy, I think this is perfect! I love your fresh take on arranging the florals, not to mention the table. Love the watercress and the lettuce bed mix on the pedestal platform. Grabbing from the yard for your mason jar arrangement is a bonus! Very creative, very fresh.

  11. Beautiful with all of the greens! I just finished doing my fireplace mantle in shades of green for St. Patrick’s Day with a shamrock Irish blessing on a piece of slate, green and white Limoges China, lovely green depression glassware, a couple of swirled pale green Mexican wine goblets, a few old tattered, green bound books, two Irish lasses standing (cardboard) with their skirts swirling. Lighted bare tree branches (battery operated with itty bitty lights) highlight these lovely greens!! A tall ceramic French pitcher holds faux magnolia stems, snow dusted eucalyptus branches and iced green succulents. It’s everything “green” that I have and it looks lovely!

  12. I love the inspiration to cut from some of the shrubs in my yard. I also love how you layered the flowers in your arrangements. I am saving these photos to inspire me.

  13. Lidy always so pretty. I enjoy greens used too. I love the different variations available. Wonderful use for your French canning jars.


  14. I love the use of antiques in your photos. I just wish I could help you with the photography. I don’t know anything about photography, but I can always identify your photos by the shadows that are ever present. Maybe some of your follows have suggestions?

  15. Marie, thank you for your visit. The shadows are actually something I leave in the blog photos on purpose. Because I try to make it “real life” vs. that “perfection” that really isn’t, well, real. I will admit that my photos are not always perfect, running a full time antiques business where I buy, photograph, and write descriptions for all the treasures I’m blessed to be a temporary caretaker of, next to writing on my “behind the scenes” blog as well as wanting to spend time with the people I love is always a juggle time wise. I do love connecting to friends and kindred spirits here on the blog, and I cherish my readers who very graciously forgive any “less than perfect” photos here.

  16. Can’t wait to try my hand at making some, I love the greens and white together!! Just beautiful!!!! Nettie

  17. First time on your blog. Love your creativity using monochromatic green flowers! Lovely!

  18. Hi Lidy, love your centerpiece using butter lettuce with the white hydrangea! I will be using this idea since I love white hydrangea. Reminds me of Cape Cod! Enjoy all your posts! Hope you are doing well! Hugs, Donna

  19. Thanks so much Donna!! I hope you are living it up in retirement!! Let’s try to see each other somewhere this year. xoxo

  20. Oh, how I enjoyed seeing all of your ideas and designs! I surely couldn’t tell you did it all in a hurry! It is all very amazing, and I love the quotes, especially the one by St. Patrick. Such a joy to visit with you today! Many blessings to you. 🙂

  21. Thank you so much, Cheryl, that’s so sweet of you to say. Green is always a great idea at this time of year,
    isn’t it??

    Hope you are having a beautiful Monday!

  22. Lidy, love the bells of Ireland! I put out a few shamrocks today to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s day. Never have I arranged a tone on tone, with one color think its time I give it a try. ?
    Thanks, Denise

  23. Delightfully charming and endearing, Lidy. Your graphics with the lovely quotes were refreshing. All the lovley shades of green with their varying textures placed in and among your antique pieces are so attractive and creative.
    I am amazed by how you juggle all your roles.

  24. Lidy, these are all gorgeous! I’m absolutely loving the green ?????? and your ability to “throw it together “ in a few minutes. You’re a treasure!

  25. This is all so pretty. I love the vintage green bottle you used as a vase and the plate rack with those beautiful green plates! Pinning those Irish blessings for sure! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  26. How beautiful green in different shade can be. You always inspire us.

  27. How beautiful green in different shade can be. You always inspire us.

  28. Good day mate.

    Just returned this morning from Australia and New Zealand. Can you tell? I have just recently began enjoying your blog: LOVELY. The new Spring collection is wonderful also.

    Question. I have noticed in several of your posts a wall plate rack. Did you blog about that earlier? Can’t find it and am interested in how it was made and hung.

    Hope Spring has actually appeared in your neck of the woods. Cold here in Michigan. Hard to return to after warmth down under. Vicky

  29. The plate rack was a gift from my husband for {last!!} year’s birthday. I love it. We used to have a chalkboard there, but this is so fun because I can change the plates and the whole room looks different each time! I just googled “plate racks” and we drew up a very simple design after looking at some.

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