Decorating with Christmas Greens

Have you started decorating? If you have read my blog for a while then you know I love natural decorations. Greens! Displaying greens around our homes for Christmas is a tradition that goes back to the 16th Century, when greens and branches of Holly were used to bring some cheer into wintry homes, as well as “ward off evils”, whatever those were at the time! I just think greens bring such warmth and coziness to our decorated homes for the holidays.

It’s so simple to decorate with greens. Outside, fill your urns with either topiaries, or insert a smaller pot filled with oasis foam or even dry floral foam, then simple stick in brances of pine, juniper and all the other fresh greens you can find or purchase.  Fill in some spots with decorative twigs, pinecones and some fruit.  (I’ve used real fruit before, because it’s cold outside, they last for the season unless the birds find them!} but artificial fruit picks work great too.  Drape garlands around your door, bannisters and on your mantel.

I love the mantel above, sprinkled with “snow” for a white effect.  Just a swag of greens you can buy is pretty too, above, isn’t it?  Or how about making the greens advent circles tied with red ribbons?  Those are simply straw wreaths, with greens attached with pins that you can purchase in the floral dept. 

Of all the decorations I have at Christmas time, I love the way fresh greens fill our home with the scent of the holidays.  There is nothing like the way greens smell, they fill up our home with the beauty of nature and Christmas.  I haven’t really started decorating for Christmas yet, as right now my Mom is staying here to recoup from a fall and hospital stay….but when I do start, I will be going for the green!

{The simple mantel above was one we had a few years ago here at home, it was featured in Romantic Homes Magazine, and was such a simple mantel.  I layered a few mirrors, added antique candlesticks, votives, and paper doves I made…beautiful at night. }


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